Wednesday, July 7, 2010

All work and no play...

As Justice is playing the wii I notice him scratch his site. "Ok buddy, stop so I can check it, and check your sugar". "Ughhhh I freakin hate diabetes". His blood sugar was 83,site looked good aside from a little sweat inside? But to have stop his activities, when all he wants is to just be a kid breaks my heart. He longs for that normality that other children have. Swimming, wii, running, recess, all these things he does give him such joy, and diabetes taints it.
Please understand I am NOT complaining. I do know there are worst diseases out there, and I do thank god everyday that he has a manageable one. But no parent wants to see their child suffer, not be able to be a kid.
"There's no better feeling than seeing your child smile. There's no worse feeling than seeing your child hurt and you can't do a damn thing to make it better". A.N
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