Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy 1month pumpversary!

So yesterday was our one month anniversary using the pump. It has been one hell of a month. I would have to say more good than bad for sure. But it wasn’t as easy as I expected. Let’s backtrack and see what was hard, bad, and I don’t ever want to see again..

First and what was most traumatic was the first time we went swimming with the pump. We weren’t told to cover his basal (the insulin he gets through the day to keep him balanced) with for what he would be missing for the time OFF the pump. So what happened? A blood sugar of 412 and small ketones.  I panicked, I lost my mind, I almost put him back on MDI (multiple daily injections) without a second thought. But after it came down, ketones went away CDE (Certified Diabetes Educator) explained to me, albeit late, that we should add up how much basal he would have had for those hours off the pump and give it to him either through pump or syringe before or in the middle of his swimming. Now knowing that I feel much better.

Bubbles.  Yes bubbles sound so perky and uplifting don’t they?! Yea, not when it comes to insulin. Ever. Bubbles would appear in the cartridge of the pump hours after changing it and we have no idea how! So to get these out we would have to reprime the tubing over and over again, losing almost 75 units of insulin one day! But with some practice, and perfecting our technique this week we only had one bubble!

That’s pretty much it for the bad. No, seriously. I can’t think of anything else.

Now for the good.. Aside from that incident with the sugar of 407. Justice has had less highs and less lows in the last month than I could ever remember with MDI. If he wasn’t low or high, he was having OK sugars. 165, 170, 188. I have not seen this many 90s, 110s, 120s since…since…well I can’t remember! Justice never had a honeymoon period, so from the start he required lots of insulin and ran high or very low. His lows have always been the hardest part. Endo not sure why.  He doesn’t have insulin sensitivity, but when he’s active for any amount of time, he can drop even 100 points in 30 minutes. So we have seen so many 40s and 50s, I have even seen a few 27s and a 33 before. Those are scary. There were times he would be at 120 at bedtime WITH a snack, and still drop to 50 by midnight. I can remember vividly a few times it took me 2 hours to get him up to a point where he and I could go back to sleep. I have not seen this with the pump. Saturday he did have a low of 49. First time in a month!!! And we treated and it came back up so fast and so smoothly!  I now see why they say chances of severe hypoglycemia is lower with the pump. It’s the truth! Being able to adjust his basals, turn down, up, off is amazing!! With lantus, it’s like well there’s no turning back! As scary as that 412 with ketones was, it can be handled once you spot it, Insulin, water, and rest and well usually it comes down a lot (if you’re vomiting, or sick, I suggest calling Endo or going to your ER. We called our Endo in this case and this is what he suggested for small ketones, and it worked like a charm!) But with a low, you can’t always see it before it happens. It can take you down, with no warning. And especially during sleep that’s so scary. All us parents worry about overnight lows, waking up and our babies had a seizure or something. PLEASE KNOW, WE CHECK JUSTICE AT MIDNIGHT AND AT 3AM, SOMETIMES MORE DEPENDING ON WHATS GOING ON. JUST LIKE WHEN FIRST DIAGNOSISED. I DON’T SEE THAT CHANGING. NIGHTTIME LOWS CAN COME OUT OF NOWHERE. AND WE RATHER BE TIRED THEN ANYTHING ELSE. But I can say that during those checks, the sugars are not all out of wack! Really they are not!

Anyway, I tend to go in 1001 different directions. All I wanted to say was. The pump is a scary, anxiety inducing, exciting, overwhelming transition. But oh wow, how worth it is. Its only been a month. I am so eager to see Justice’s next A1C. So with that said Happy Pumpaversary “Spongebob Mi Pump” .
*Justice named his pump. Our First pump Skipper we had some issues with so he was replaced. May he RIP…


sugabetic said...

You guys are doing an outstanding job! Keep up the great work!

Alexis-Nicole said...

Thank you!! :)

thisiscaleb said...

Happy pumpiversary. I'm glad you are pleased. :)

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