Monday, July 26, 2010

Justice and Independence for all.

Justice has started bolusing himself. I am beyond proud. In just 5 weeks he has adjusted so well. His initiative to learn more about the pump, its mechanics, and how-to's have utterly impressed both my husband and I.

Justice has been spotting bubbles in the cartridge, kinks in the tubing, and learning how to unlock the pump, start the pump, remove infusion sites, bolus for a new cannula, and perform a standard bolus for meals or highs.

I know this may not seem impressive to you, but its still all so new, and even with his everyday child activities he's made it an importance and that makes me happy. So many children and adult diabetics as well, do not take enough initiative or care for THEIR disease. As parents its our job to take care of them but also prepare them for the future.

Diabetes is not something all parents have to teach their children to maintain as adults. But we do. I intend to make sure he is diligent, responsible, and know he CAN control his D and not the other way around.

Two years into this "D venture" and I couldn't be more proud of him.
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