Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Let talk Synsyre.....

I know this blog is dedicated to Justice, but I have thought about this and most of our time is too. Which is not fair to Synsyre. Hes 5. Hes the baby. My baby. The cutest kid you could ever meet, with a slight baby lisp that allows him to get away with anything. Hes also Justice’s biggest supporter and his best friend in the whole world.

Synsyre Love. That’s his name, and it is so fitting. Synsyre feels such empathy for Justice when his sugars are out of control, and everyday proclaims “I wish diabetes never even existed!” I am quite aware that while this comes mostly from a place of love and admiration and even sadness for his big brother it also comes from jealousy. He sees the extra time and effort put into Justices day, and I think sometimes it gets to him. He knows that we love them just the same, and he understands Justice needs extra attention or care sometimes but that doesn’t mean at 5 that he has to like it one bit.

So let me tell you a little bit about Synsyre. Born 4/8/05, an unexpected miracle (got pregnant on birth control, after a few months earlier I had miscarried). He was such an easy going baby, and the funniest toddler, always laughing, dancing, and singing. And he hasn’t changed a bit. His idol is Michael Jackson and knows EVERY song by heart and even moon walks. He loves food. Always has. He used to be sooo skinny and now hes a chunky guy (not overweight, we know the risks of T2). He calls Justice “Shooosy” which is actually Juicy, the nickname Justice has had since birth.

When I am down, tired, feeling sick he really knows how to just make it all better. He writes songs for me, rubs my feet, and tells me that hes gonna steal me from dad to be HIS wife. Such a ladies man.
Still the one thing that stands out in my head is the day he said “I wish I HAD diabetes!” , I knew this came from me coddling Justice during a bad high. Still my heart broke in so many pieces, each for a different reason. I am not gonna lie, I scolded him and sent him to his room. The words hurt Justice more than they hurt me.

A week later, we decided to fashion a pump out of some tubing and an old meter, he had to wear it for 3 days and was not allowed to take if off unless to shower, JUST LIKE JUSTICE. I think things changed a bit for him that day, he seemed to understand a little more what Justice goes through, not entirely obviously but as best as a 5 year old can or any non diabetic for that matter.

I just wanted to take this time to recognize my amazing son. Not Justice today, Synsyre. Who tolerates so much and has had to change his life as well due to diabetes. They eat on the same schedule, same foods, and he cant snack if Justice cant. Hes OK with that…now. This disease forces children to mature way beyond their years. Not just those diagnosed but those around them too.

Just something I think we should all remember. Today is dedicated to the amazing siblings our Type 1 kids. You guys rock.


Colleen said...

Your post just made a memory resurface in my head... my little brother used to tell my mom he was feeling "shaky" when he wanted something to eat. He equated low symptoms to getting food. It's crazy how much diabetes affects everyone in ways you wouldn't think of!

Anonymous said...

I read this and had tears coming down my face. You are a great, wonderful, spectacular, fantastic mother! I also admire you very much! I could imagine how hard it must be to have a son with diabetes, but please have some comfort in knowing that you are doing a phenomenal job. You are being the best mom you know how to be... & that's what counts the most. Your children appreciate you for being who you are. You have demonstrated what is is to be a strong woman,mother, & wife, and because of you your family will be just as strong. So tomorrow lets dedicated it to you, Alexis Nicole Tingle Newell, because YOU ROCK! =)

sugabetic said...

Aww! He's such a good kid.
And that was a great idea "making" a pump for him! I would have never thought of that!

Cara said...

He's such a cute kid! I think sometimes people forget how far reaching diabetes can be. It effects every member of the family. And I'm glad you took some time to share him with us. :) He's a special kid.

Alexis-Nicole said...

Colleen: Its so true, and I felt he really deserve his own entry!

Mitsy: You made me cry, thank you for constant love and support for all of us from day one!

Sarah: I posted some pics of it on facebook! It was cute in a disturbing way, when Justice would bolus him!

Cara: Thank you! And yes he really is!

Lorraine of "This is Caleb..." said...

Sweet. Yay for sibs! Yay for Synsyre!

Laura said...

Hi!! I think the siblings learn so much empathy from their T1 brothers and sisters. Synsyre sounds amazing!

Alexis-Nicole said...

Thanks ladies! and yay for all the sibs!

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