Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mother know best.

Regular morning. Kids play fighting, eggs cooking, mama yelling for them to calm down. Justice calls me "Synsyre hit me in the stomach!" " Did he hit your site?" "Idk, I'm not sure"...I figured ok let's wait a minute and see. 20 min later he jumped from a blood sugar of 141 to 197. Ummmm woah! He didn't even eat yet. Could have been just his body and some other normal D thing but I thought better safe than sorry. Changed site and let him start eating. For the first time Justice said it hurt when I did the site first I thought ok, new area of the body. But then I stopped him from eating and looked at it. You could see the cannula! It was pushed against his skin but didn't penetrate at all! This is something you would have to be looking at really close to notice. I removed the adhesive and it had a little push pin mark. More like an indentation in the skin, then anything else. I immediately cleaned and prepped his skin for a new spot,removed the other one and gave him an extra .3 units in case he missed any basal.

Wow. Thank god I went back. Thankful for my intuition. Justice and I have a connection I can't explain. When he's low I know it. I can feel it. This time I felt something else. I'm so grateful I did.
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