Friday, July 30, 2010

No Carb No Fuss BLT #Dfeast

Before Justice got diagnosed I went on a strict no carb diet to lose some weight. Ended up coming up with some pretty good recipes.

After Justice got diagnosed I had more reason to. He doesn't eat low carb by any means but sometimes at dinner or lunch time Justice would have a high sugar, and we would ask him to wait to eat, yea that didnt fly well. So zero carb creations became very important.

Low and behold my No carb No fuss BLT (chicken) sandwich.

I know this isn't as creative as some of the other recipes, but its yummy, zero carbs, no sugar and good for most allergies and diets!

First thing you need is some grilled chicken breast the bigger and thicker the better. We like to grill it out on the bbq but you can bake or broil it if you like. Seasoning is crucial. I like to use garlic, cilantro, basil, rosemary, thyme, and pepper.

Once chicken is cooked all the way through slice it in half, the idea is to have two thing slices that can act as bread. (See pic).

Next fill her up! Turkey bacon, slice of lettuce, slice of tomato and mayo. Dash of salt, and olive oil if you like.

The beauty of this is you can add or take away whatever you want! Justice's favorite add in as usual is mozzarella cheese.

Feel free to get creative and no bolus needed! Happy eating!!


Lorraine of "This is Caleb..." said...

Very clever! Thanks for posting again to the DFeast!

Cara said...

I get hungry when I'm high too. I think Justice is the first person that I've heard of other than myself to get that way!

Alexis-Nicole said...

Thanks Lorraine! It one of my more simple dishes but oh so good!

Cara really?! Ive heard alot of the DOC talking about "ugh hungry but so high". Next time try this out!! Its filling too!

FatCatAnna said...

Wow! I like your version of BLT - I'm salivating at my keyboard here! Hmm, wonder if I'm high - off to zee kitchen to check my #bgnow before I hit the hay!

Alexis-Nicole said...

Meant to say...sometimes when its time to eat hes high..not that he gets hungry because hes high...brain fart..sorry! lol

Laura said...


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