Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pumps and the Golden Rule.

So I'm sitting at work feeling bored nothing to do. Decide to google different things recipes, fun facts, and then pumps. Just curious to see what the other ones have that ours doesn't. First let me say so far I love our pump. Is it the best on the market? Nope. Does it do what it needs to without all the fancy extras? YES. Not to mention the pump support via AccuChek customer service is OUTSTANDING!

Anyway I start looking at the Animas Ping (very cool, if we get insurance I think I'm asking for that one next), Omnipod (awesome!), and then I see our Accu Chek Spirit. Some lady decided to share her personal life with the world and show us how she changes her infusion site and such. I could not believe the comments I saw on her video. "That pump is crap, everyone knows it" "Why even bother using a pump then", things of that nature. I am not gonna lie my heart dropped in my stomach, and I felt sick suddenly. Why? 2 reasons. Yes one being that's why my son is on and that's whats keeping him alive as we speak! Also, how dare another diabetic put down a fellow sufferer for which pump they decided to use. For us it was about cost, and accessibility. No one else offered us the payment plan on the pump and discount on the supplies that they did. After doing some research we found it was a good pump, reliable and most commonly used in the UK. Anyway this is not about me defending my choice for my son but rather scolding. Yes scolding those who put down others for their choice to use what they wish!

First of all you don't know that persons reasons for using that pump and its none of your business anyway!! Why not say "I really like my blah blah, but good luck with that!" or don't say anything at all!!!

I have not personally encountered any of this negativity on twitter or elsewhere but it still hurt me to read it.

Please remember when your saying things to people how they can affect not just them but others as well. In the end we all have the same goal. To keep blood sugars in range until a cure is found! If that means a person wants to use needles for the rest of their lives SO BE IT. Its what works for them.

Now stepping off my high horse.....We love our little pump, simple, easy to use, and so far does what it needs to do. I do hope to upgrade when we can but until then I will love, embrace and respect him. So please do the same, even if its not yours.


sugabetic said...

OMG. Talk about me scolding YOU on twitter! I think you wrote this post toward me. :-/ LOL! I really do think the Accu-chek Spirit is a good pump, it's just basic. If you like basic - more power to you. I completely understand why you went with it. You do and use whatever works best for you and J. :-)

Alexis-Nicole said...

It was NOT for you so be quiet lady! lol I agree its very basic, as far as having to use all those different components. But I dont think people should be afraid of it, or tell other its crap. Its a work horse, and reliable, just a few more steps than others.Which for some is ok, some not, and some dont care.

Either way when I hear other Ds put down other Ds on their pumps, insulin, or whatever it really breaks me down. So this was for THOSE people NOT you! ;)

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