Tuesday, July 13, 2010

S is for Support ;)

I want to take this time to thank three ladies who purely out of the kindness of their hearts have offered to help Justice with supplies. Strips, meters, infusion sets. I am not gonna lie I had a full page thank you, explaining why this was so amazing, and how we have no insurance so its breaking the bank for us to keep up with his medical needs. But my internet went down and I loss the whole entry.

Which just made me realize I didn’t need a dragged out explanation of how or why these ladies are so amazing. But I do think that everyone know should know. I do want to add I have only met one of these ladies 2x and the other two have only chatted with via twitter.

So Sarah, Sarah, and Sue (yes all their names start with S!)…thank you. Thank you for listening when blood sugars are crazy, thank you for lending a hand to help. Thank you for showing me that good people are still out there. I can go on and on thanking you, believe me theres atleast 101 more…but I think you get it.

The next time Justice checks his sugar, or I change an infusion set it will be in the name of you three…well you know what I mean…


Sarah said...

WOOOT!WOOOT! Glad I could help out, chicka! That's what the DOC is all about - helping and supporting each other!

Alexis-Nicole said...

Amen, I swear I dont know what I would do without it!! xoxo!!

Susan said...

Like I said, I'm more than happy to help! I know how thankful you are so don't drive yourself crazy thinking you have to let me know. I thank YOU for being such an amazing momma to your adorable diabetic son! I think all T1 adults who were diagnosed as a child realize how being a parent to a T1 child is one of the most difficult and important jobs there is.

My email is SueSzy@aol.com. Did I just give the whole world my private e-mail? Oh well! Anyway, just send me your info so I can send J his diabetic "toys" ASAP. :)

PS-LOVE the blog. Great job!!

Alexis-Nicole said...

I know I know BUT I feel people like you guys should be recognized...just who I am..

Thank you for the comment about being a parent of a T1, its the hardest thing to do, and I aim to do the very best for him.

I am so grateful to see you wonderful adult T1s thriving and supporting us as well...

I just emailed you! and umm yup you did. oh well! lol

Sarah said...

<3 You and Justice are so very welcome :)

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