Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Spaghetti. The Anti Bolus.

Blood sugar at 7:00pm: 75. Ok Justice took a tab, disconnected hopped in the shower. Reconnected, rechecked 93. Oh yea!

7:40 or so time to eat. Justice is excited. For daddy made his amazing spagetti and turkey meatballs, with garlic bread with melted mozzeralla cheese. For dessert, donut holes. Why not!?

Dinners done. Bolused his correct units.

Let the boys stay up till about 9. Checked him. Sugar 202. Ok make sense he only had his bolus an hour ago, maybe less.

Recheck at 11pm. 214. Hmm ok just taking a little longer than expected.

12am. 358!! WOAH!!. Hubby did the check, and woke me to let me know he checked the tubing and site, all was clear, so he corrected him and recheck at 3 as usual.

2am recheck. Sugar? 333. Ok I didnt want to overcorrect him and send him into a hypoglycemic episode. So I made him get up checked his ketones negative, had him drink water and laid with him.

3am Sugar? 336 ok what is going on?!!? Ok no no no! Mommy rips out site, puts in a new one. Disconnects primes tubing to ensure its clear. Grabs syringe and boluses 1 unit to correct. Wake Justice up, have him pee on a stick ketones negative. Drink more water. Mommy goes back to lay with Justice till 4am.

Finally 4am sugar? 289 ok thats not good by any means but it was coming down. So now I was confused, was this a bad site? Did I miss a bubble? What? Was it the extra bolus he needed or was it that it was from a syringe? I felt in my heart it was not the site, or tubing, and syringe or not he just needed an extra correction. His sugars were in range all day and night until..DINNER. Thats when it hit me. The damn spaghetti!! He needed that extra unit I gave him from the syringe to treat the after effects of this..this..culprit!

Still I laid down about 4:30am and thought ok if hes high when he wakes up then Im changing everything again, and putting a new cartridge.

Woke up at 202. Ok he dropped nicely...30 min later 180. Ok. It was NOT the site, or the tubing, or anything to do with the pump it was just that he needed extra insulin for this meal. The insulin to carb ratio we use is always perfect at dinner, but not for this meal. This was the anti-bolus.

Now hes back in range everythings fine, and hubby and I have decided no more regular pasta. Not worth it. He does good on whole wheat, or regular macaroni..

I didnt realize until I went to wake him up, how many times we checked him last night..


Virtue said...

yeah, i find regular pasta to be problematic too. i end up doing a bit of an extended bolus, longer if there's a lot of protein/fat in the meal too. i don't know if you've starting trying that option out, as i thought i remembered you saying you guys just started on a pump... anyway, sorry you, hubby and Justice had such an uncomfortable night :( sounds like you pulled through okay though.

Alexis-Nicole said...

Thanks for the comment! We havent tried the multiwave yet, first time we tried we had an occlusion and lets just say we didnt try again lol. But we are going to do it from now on with pasta and high fat meals, EDU also suggested a high IC for those meals. By a point or so. We shall see. Thanks for the advice!

The whole wheat pasta was way easier too!

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