Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Too much?

First let me say I love the D.O.C (Diabetes Online Community), it has done more for me than I can even begin to explain. To have other diabetics, parents of diabetics, to talk to, share worries, concern and blood sugar readings makes me feel…at home.

But after talking with people on twitter about the most random things we all started to discuss our children and their insulin to carb ratio and I am starting to become, well concerned. It seems Justice uses as much insulin as some adults. Most of the kids his age and even older use less. The reason this worries me is if it changes with weight and age, at what point will it not be enough?

What does this mean for him as an adult, he has to take 100 units just to eat a slice of pizza? Or am I totally overreacting? I never thought to ask the Endo because I didn’t ever have other kids to compare him to. It’s one of the questions I am going to ask at his 3month check. It’s been like this since I can remember. When he first got diagnosised he was on what most of the kids are now. I remember my grandma saying (before the pump) 14 units of lantus!? That’s what I take. Hmm, ok. I kind of just ignored it cause we she doesn’t know much, and overdoses on insulin (another entry another time).

As usual no real point to my entry except that another worry, another thing for me to ponder when he is sleeping. I look at him, his big eyes, that smile so innocent, so strong, so amazing. I feel at such a loss for how to make it better, because for the first time in his life I can’t. I can’t take the pain away. That hurts more than anything. 


thisiscaleb said...

I truly believe it doesn't matter one bit. He needs what he needs. As long as you can figure out what dosing works for him, that's all that matters.

I don't think it will hurt to ask his endo - I would. It's a valid question. But I don't think it's important. Variety is no prevalent in diabetes. This is just one more variance. It is what it is. :)


Alexis-Nicole said...

Thank you Lorraine. I am definitely going to ask the Endo. I have just heard of so many adult T1s who basically no longer eat carbs, because they amount of insulin they would need for just one meal is insane. It worries me. Clearly his doses both bolus and basal are working, cause we have never seen such amazing sugars.

Thank you for your thoughts.

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