Tuesday, July 27, 2010

When is it diabetes, and when is it just a kid being a kid?

 I am not sure where to start. Last night’s fiasco of an occlusion alert after a bolus of 11.6 left much to be desired in terms of sleep and comfort. But he didn’t spike, actually came down nicely to 166. No crashes either. Score for mom and dad.

But then he went back up to 289, huh? Ok correction. 233. Ok. 215. Ok starting to feel better. Back to 229. And this is how it stayed all night. No we didn’t do another correction, because he wasn’t spiking, and we didn’t want to stack insulin and risk a bad hypo episode. He woke up at 220 I then corrected and he came down to 190 in less than an hour. Now I had just changed the site last night, and if he was steady, and even coming down I was certain that wasn’t the issue. I checked cartridge, awesome. Tubing? Primed it 2x and it was doing its job.

We get in the car which is when we retest sugar and kids eat, since I have to be at work before Justice has to be at school (today he didn’t attend…another blog), so we left 15 minutes later. Checked his sugar 191 (same from the 190, 30 minutes earlier) and we told him he could eat. We did a correction for the 220 remember? So he still had that IOB.

He says “I don’t want to eat”. Ok no problem. He’s at 190, maybe he just isn’t hungry. Almost an hour and half later Im at work and my husband texts me “Sugar is 78, hes not hungry”. OH MY GOD. Yea you guessed it I lost my mind. Now normally at 78 we give Justice 1 tab and recheck in 15 minutes. Hubby didn’t say that though. He just said “doesn’t want to eat”. Now please know my husband stays with the kids while I work and nows just as much as I do, and ALWAYS does the right thing with J’s diabetes. BUT I am a mother, before I am logical and I needed to hear EXACTLY what was done by dad, at what time, and what happened after.

So finally after 15 minutes of calling, texting, crying and yes cursing him out in my head, he answers the phone, “Whats wrong!?”. I go on to yell and explain why I am so upset. He says “Justice is sitting at the table eating a whole wheat roll, and having a Danimals”. Ok, I breathe for a moment and let him know check in him 2 hours and check ketones JUST IN CASE. “Ok, I will. Alexis. Maybe he just wasn’t hungry”.

WHAT?? Just wasn’t hungry? You mean like how kids do sometimes? Even adults? That don’t have diabetes? What a preposterous idea!! Wait is it? My husband text me about 30 min later and said “hes playing, ketones are negative”. Phew. Relief. But why do I still feel like somethings not right? Is it my mother instincts? Or have i forgotten whats its like to have a 7 year old son. NOT a 7 year old son with type 1 diabetes. I know for sure I forgot how to be a regular mom. The mom I once was . I was always a worry wart, ocd, controlling and paranoid. But not like this.

Its now almost an hour and a half later, and Justice wants lunch. Sigh of relief. Blood sugar now? 2 hours post breakfast bolus116, Thats awesome. So why am I on edge? Is it because of last nights highs? Is it because of cannula issue? Is it because.....

Or is it because I just cant tell any more if its the diabetes or just well him?


Laura said...

I can totally relate to this post. Is it D or just a 2 year old tantrum? Who the heck knows? It stinks that I have to do a bg check before a time out!!!

We do forget how to be a mom to a kid. We are always D-moms to D-kids.

BTW - I really appreciated your comments on my blog. It's so great to hear from someone that totally 'gets' it.

Alexis-Nicole said...

Exactly! Only a D mom can truly get it.

and I loved your blog, I cried alot while reading it. Not cause I was sad (which I always am seeing another child suffer) but because it was like reading my thoughts. I so wanted to give you a big hug through the computer!

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