Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Angels amongst us

I wanted to dedicate an entry, moment whatever you would like to call it  to three women, none of which I have known very long. One I met twice briefly and it was a pleasure. The other two I met via twitter. YES twitter. Sarah, Sarah, and Sue. Ironic that all their names start with S I know…

As most of you already know or suspect Justice is not insured. He was denied by Medicaid, and my jobs insurance premium is more than his supplies a month and they wouldn’t even cover him for the first year due to his pre-existing condition.

Things are always tight with the extra cost of Syringes, strips, meters, glucose tabs, and not to mention lab work, doctors appts and other things Justice needs to keep him safe and healthy. But now we are using the pump. First let me say I am so grateful that my dad financed it for us or we wouldn’t have been able to get one for Justice. Understand that it’s very expensive to continue pump therapy even with the amazing discount Accu Chek provides us. Now I want to say really quick cause I know some of the non diabetics reading this are thinking “If its cheaper to use needles why use the pump?”. The control. His blood sugars have not been this amazing at any time during his diagnosis. We have 2 tough sugars since he started but that’s what happens with diabetes, you can’t always have a perfect day. Better control for him means, better health, feeling better, sleeping better, studying better, and less chance of complications in the future.  .

 Anyway, when we made our first payment for two months worth of supplies, we found ourselves really well tight. We would make it through we would be ok, but it would a tough few weeks. We get by, but we don’t have any extra cash to take the boys to do things, which well sucks. They’re 5 and 7. They don’t understand why we can’t go to a movie, maybe grab some fast food for a treat, even buy some new crayons, sneakers or whatever. In our house its rent, bills, food, gas, DIABETIC SUPPLIES. I am grateful we have the money to do what we need to survive. Don’t ever doubt that. But all parents want to be able to treat their kids once in a while. They deserve it.  Anyway, I’m getting off topic….

After just venting or blabbering about it on twitter and facebook. These 3 ladies each offered to help in whatever way they can. Strips, infusion sites, meters…WOW. WOW. I have to admit that every time I got a message, tweet about them wanting to help my son with supplies I cried. Yes. I did.

So Sarah, Sarah, and Sue. THANK YOU. Thank you for helping us, and making things easier this month and next. Because of their help I don’t have to order supplies next month, and can breathe easy. Maybe even take the kids to a movie!?  Thank you opening your heart to my son. Thank you for proving us wrong. There are people out there who care about others.

   That’s nothing short of miraculous…or I like to say…Angels amongst us..


Laura said...

That is so amazing and awesome! What pump is he using? I have extra One Touch strips. We use FreeStyle but used to use the One Touch and have a couple boxes and meters. Let me know!

Also - what insulin? Nate uses Apidra but I think we have 2 boxes of Novolog in the fridge.

I know about the cost so let me help. :)

email me -

Alexis-Nicole said...

THANK YOU LAURA! I emailed you this morning :)

Those ladies are amazing for sure, and so are you!

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