Thursday, August 26, 2010

A continuation of’s STUPID (INSERT F BOMB) METER, in MY words.

Dear FDA, Meter companies, jackasses who approve these things,

How do you expect us; parents of diabetics, diabetics and caregivers, to be able to maintain tight control and good A1Cs when all your meters have different readings!!! How can we carefully and without danger dose insulin if these numbers are off. We are not talking a 5-10 point difference here. We are talking a 25- sometimes 50 point variance! That’s a difference between a unit of insulin and or treating a low with fast acting sugar. What happens if my one meter reads 100 other 170, correct 170 and now you're drifting off into hypoland faster than you can say glucose tab.

What about the meter that says 50 and another 100 so we do nothing, therefore crashing once again. It works with high numbers too. I may not correct a 168 for my son, but I will a 225 how you can guarantee me safety and accuracy when 4 meters will all show a difference.

Maybe we should use the same accuracy to balance your checkbooks? Oh wow wouldn’t that be a site?! Your wives would go ballistic not knowing how much IS really in the count therefore how much of your criminal money she can spend! Yes I said criminal WHY!? Cause not only  are these things UNAFFORDABLE for most working class people most of which do not have insurance, but on top of that they are not even 100  % accurate!

Clearly I am livid. Is there a logic or reason to this? Is it something scientific you can say to give us some kind of peace of mind? Probably not.

I hope you take what WE are saying seriously. We are a HUGE community of strong, smart, and responsible diabetics or caregivers of, and we are DEMANDING better accuracy and care.

I hope this is the only letter I have to write, I don’t want to have to get nasty next time. ;)

A pissed off D mama.

(This came about as Justices Ultrasmart meter read a 278, then he washed his hands it read 217, rechecked with Relion and it read 153, rechecked with Aviva and it read 217. Second time this week this happened. Relion and Ultrasmart usually are a few points apart, not this time. I have to take pics of the 278 incidence but here are some other examples) 


Laura said...

I love you! I'm mad with you!! It's total BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!

BTW - yes the tallygear has a pump pocket.
Check out Reyna's picture here - -

Wendy said...


Alexis-Nicole said...

Thanks Laura! I love you too! (Do I get the regular one or tummitote? Im uber confused! )

Wendy, thanks! I think we all need to bring this to light, its totally unacceptable!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

I'm pissed off too! This is just SO wrong!

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