Friday, August 6, 2010

#Dfeast Friday “Animal Pie”..

Well its that time again! Welcome to #Dfeast . For a full explanation click on Dfeast picture located on the right side of my blog. I want to get into the good stuff! LOL. I promise next week to do one of my more intricate carb explosion recipes, but since I do this from work I'm gonna keep it simple!

First I want to preface this once again with, we do NOT eat low carb. Well, I do but Justice does not. I have noticed that a lot of desserts can be hard on his bgs and sometimes he wants a “Freebie”. This is not a freebie but is only about 8grams of carbs per serving! Could be more depending on how big you cut your slices, Ill explain shortly. I also want to add we have stopped eating things with nutrasweet and ONLY allow it once in a blue moon, probably less than once a month. If you can find Jello pudding with Stevia or want to use regular pudding go for it! That’s what we do now. But this one was made with sugar free.

 This particular day we were BROKE. We had a simple lunch and the kids wanted to bake! Great. We had nothing in the house but pudding and animal crackers. I like to get creative, so here goes what I did!

First you will need two flavors of sugar free J-E-L-L-O. In this picture you will see Chocolate and Butterscotch, but you can choose any two or even one that you like.
A bag of animal crackers. Chocolate or plain. We used plain.
Baking pan

Preheat oven to 300 degrees.

Now in two mixing bowls prepare your pudding as per directions. Let each sit.

Grab about 2 cups of animal crackers, and mash them as best as you can. You can use a masher, your hands, a cup anything you like.

Once the animal crackers are mashed finely, add about 2tbsp of butter/butter substitute. You may need more, just make sure your crackers are nicely saturated.

Now in your baking pan, or whatever you would use to bake a regular cake, spread your animal cracker mix onto the bottom. Spread evenly.

Let cook for about 15-20 minutes, I have noticed every oven is different. You want to make sure the crackers are firm, but not hard, soft but not mushy, and that it has molded together.

Once the animal cracker mix is cooked it becomes our animal cracker crust! Let it cool for a good 20 minutes.

One its cooled spread on your pudding doesn’t matter which flavor first. Then top with second flavor. Put it in the fridge for about an hour or so to set.

Once done setting cut and serve with Whip cream and enjoy!

Now the reason I say 8gs carbs per slice is we cut small pieces, and the animal crackers are only 1gram each (that we use). If you take about 8 -10 cookies and smash em separately you get a good idea of how many are per slice. Like I said could be different for everyone depending on how big your piece.
Now eat up! J


FatCatAnna said...

Animal crackers in my soup .... yum! I'd make it more higher in carbs 'cause I'd decorate my slices with wittle animal crackers on top of the whipped cream. Can you teletransport a slice to me now - huh? huh? huh?

\\^^// Meow!!!

sugabetic said...

I LOVE how simple this recepie is! I'd definiately try it!!

Lorraine of "This is Caleb..." said...


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