Saturday, August 7, 2010

Here's to a better day?

Basal testing done. Learned a lot about his patterns. OH MY! Endo spoke with me, made adjustments and we will see how tonight goes.

My amazing husband let me sleep! He did all the basal testing and even got up with the kids and made french toast for all of us.

Today we decided to venture out (let dad catch up on sleep) and set up our "pool" for the yard. Made sure Justice was in range-110!, gave a shot of 1.0 unit to cover the 2 hrs of basal he would be missing from pump, disconnected and we jumped in! The sun was shining,water splashing, dog barking. For a brief moment it was like there was no D. No pump, no carbs,no highs. Just us and the water. J agreed we should leave tabs, and meter in the house cause its so hot, and the water would get all over em. The backyard and living room door are less than 20 ft from each other.

 I decided to add some foods into the Palm so I could bolus J for lunch, when I heard distant screams. Nothing out of the ordinary with these two boys. I yelled out to them to see who hit who this time. The response I got was not what I expected. "MOM Justice is low hurry!!!" I ran outside meter in hand, forgetting the tabs cause I was so flustered. He sat in the pool, "Ma I'm low". Ok, dried hands, proceeded to check him. He looked different than usual, "how u feel babes?" "Like I'm drowning, I don't know but its bad". Just as he finished, the meter did too. 42. Ok. "Synsyre go get the tabs NOW, Justice doesn't want to get up". Synsyre couldn't find them, so I grab Justice, walk the short distance to the living room and grab 5 gummy bears (he said no tabs) and shove him in his mouth. 20 min later he was at 67 and ready for lunch. Ill never forget what he said next "ima stay inside ma, pool is evil.", I begin to comfort him when he sighs and replies " I hate diabetes".

Its a better day than yesterday cause we know more than we did before, but there is no perfect day with D. Its like the silent letter that appears in every word. You don't know why it has to be there but it is. Things are ok now but I have never seen him feel like that at 42. It was scary.
So we are no enjoying the cool indoors and getting ready for a family night at the drive-in. Here's to a better night?---- As I almost hit post I paused and I decided to check Justice's site...I'm not sure why. Blood. In. Canulla. Ok. Site change. He wanted the arm, with this pump necklace thing. Let's try this again. Here's to a better night!!!!

Thank you Sarah (@Sugabetic) and Lorraine (@Colcalli) for the amazing support, kind words, and your ear.
I hope today is a better day for all of you.
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Laura said...

Oh mercy - this brought tears to my eyes and fear in my heart. I'm so sorry you all had to go thru that. How awful.

I find it so interesting though to read about T1 kiddos that are able to verbalize their lows. Nate is too young to tell me how he feels so I really have no idea what a high or low feel like for him.

Poor Justice!! When Nate swims we make sure he is at least 180 going into the water then check and carb often. Swimming can be evil but with D but just like everything else we conquer and overcome!! Justice will be able to swim and you will figure out the right balance.

Again, I'm so sorry for the craptastic low!
Ducking Fiabetes!

Alexis-Nicole said...

Thanks for your words Laura. It was awful! Normally well when on MDI we would do the same but with the pump he has to disconnect and miss basal which last time caused a 407 from a 76! I spoke with endo and she suggested waiting an hour into swimming before giving the shot for missed basal. What made things more hectic was that the blood in cannula caused an occlusion that didnt set off the alert and causes a sugar of 307. My poor baby had a rough two hours!

Things settled down...finally...for now!

Thank you for always reading my posts, and showing support. Youre awesome!!

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