Friday, August 27, 2010

I guess he's thinking of me too.

I am a working mother. Yes, I know that's redundant. I mean I ALSO work outside of the home. Which started 6 weeks prior to Justice's dx due to my husband being laid off. SUCKAGE. I already missed being with my babies, and now to add Diabetes in the mix. Let's just say my husband is THE most patient man. I text, call, email and all kinds of other things to find out Justice's sugars etc when hes not with me. Right now, just got a text "his sugar is 145", when he's home we check every 3 hours. More if running high or low.

Anyway. I was in the ladies room of my office, and I had just finished fixing my hair in the mirror when I turned around and there it was on the floor. A one touch ultra strip. I would bet green money its Justice's, my boss isn't diabetic and well I just know its his.

It was kind of poetic. He knows no matter if I am at work or not, he's at school or home, I am always right there beside him, fighting D and managing it. I never let anything come before my kids, and that hasn't changed one bit since working.

"Mommy, We are always together". "Yes, baby we are".


Reyna said...

You are doing a phenomenal job Alexis. I can tell from your writing how commited you are to Justice, his "d" management...and your most awesome motherly-love come through as well. I am always dropping those damn things! LOL

Have a great weekend.

Meri said...

I find those things in the weirdest places, at the grocery store, often in the parking lot...and I know that they are from my pocket or my purse, but they always make me stop and pause. It is like my boys are with me.

I know your son knows you are always fighting on his behalf.

Lora said...

Those little things are EVERYWHERE!!

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