Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"Pretend I have Diabetes too".

These were the words uttered by my sweet baby Synsyre. What? "Mommy can I have an old meter?" I didn't have any at the moment, but I had a lancing device that I took the lancet out of it.

"Mom, Ima pretend I'm Diabetic, ok?" Stop. Pause. Hold up. I look over to Justice who is no way amused. So I think what to do? Clearly Synsyre wants to focus his frustration with Diabetes in a more creative way. I love a challenge, and I love creating things for my kids.

We grabbed an old Teddy bear, a lego, an old infusion site, tubing, and I gave him a used strip and an ultra mini that we wouldn't be using.

We fashioned a pump, and an emergency kit. We have checked Teddy's sugar at least 25 times in the last 4 hrs. He's been low, but mostly with some highs and according to Synsyre he has lots of bubbles in his cartridge.

He's focused on Teddy and his Diabetes. He wants mommy to help with D management. Its cute and sad all at the same time, especially once I realized the true reason behind it.

My extra time where we would normally cuddle, play, be silly is always spent dealing with Diabetes. Whether it be directly with Justice, his pump, doing control tests on meters, organizing supplies, writing up 504s etc.

I now have another "Type 1 Diabetic" in the house, his name is Teddy. If It means Synsyre feels that void filled that we have been missing since Justice diagnosis; then I'm happy to be Teddy's pancreas as well.

*I miss you too Synsyre.*


Heidi / D-Tales said...

Awww, Synsyre! He sounds like such a sensitive guy. My non-D five-year-old has done similar things. As you said, it's cute and sad all at the same time!

Reyna said...

This one hits close to home. Bridget's dolls all had "D" and she made up her own "Woodchuck" (our "d" supply bag) and would check and log all of her baby's numbers.

I try hard to have some alone time with her to "make up" for all the times I am mentally the throws of "d" management.

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