Monday, September 13, 2010

Bitter Sweet Surroundings

I want to start this with saying I am so grateful to have JDRF. I am so grateful that Justice is a JDRF Youth Ambassador. It has given him a sense of belonging, and an empowerment to spread awareness on Type 1. Yes, I attribute a lot of that to myself but seeing him with these other amazing kids, brings him a joy I cannot explain.

Saturday was our Youth Ambassador Kick Off party. Pool, games, pizza, watermelon, infusion sites, meters, boluses, juice boxes, and belonging. I looked around and felt so overwhelmed. I was of course sad that all these kids were affected by Type 1, but I also felt at home. Justice and I belonged. No one stared as we checked his sugar a zillion times before disconnecting, no one wondered why he was adjusting the tube coming out of his swim trunks. No one wondering why I had this HUGE cooler of stuff, a juice box in my bra, tabs and a meter in my pocket. It was a bittersweet bliss. I don't know how else I can explain it, I just am grateful that if Justice has to live with these disease we have a group like this to be part of.

Justice won the sportsmanship award, he was pretty stoked! Mommy got to talk to other moms, and actually walk around the yard and not worry for 5 minutes. (Hey 5 minutes in my world is like an eternity). All was good.

Justice was on and off the pump all day, he didn't want to eat but had some watermelon for the seed spitting contest. Lowest sugar was 79 highest 136! We had an awesome day. BUT he only drank one cup of water in the 2 hour period, before we left I kept making him drink. We got home and thanks to Emily (@em180)  I remembered something about her son getting ketones not from being high but from dehydration. I checked and Justice was at 0.3, yes I know this is negative but it is not zero! His sugar was 230, he had just eaten lunch, so I upped his basal and made him drink some water every time the movie went to commercial.

An hour later and his sugar was 180 and ketones 0.0. D sucks. But either way, the day was a success and ended well and Justice had an amazing time, I think I did a little more than he...


Wendy said...

What a delight to see all those kids just being kids!

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!

Lora said...

Sounds like an awesome day. I have never checked Justin for keytones after a hot day of fun. A thought to ponder next time :)

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Groups like that are so special! So glad you're a part of one! Kudos to Justice for serving as a Youth Ambassador!!!

Meri said...

What an awesome day! I know how good it feels to talk face to face with other moms who get it. It is liberating! And look at those smiles! Looks like Justice had a great time too!

Reyna said...

That sounds like such a fun time with the other "d" fams. His Tummietote looks GREAT btw.

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