Tuesday, September 7, 2010


This is gonna be short and sweet. I have been reading a few of my fellow D moms blogs today, as I do every day cause well they rock and I effin love them. Anyway, I have noticed everyone is talking about HOPE.
And if we as parents of CWD's are instilling too much HOPE in a cure.

I cannot answer for anyone but myself. This is how I feel.

I HOPE for a cure. I pray for a cure. I dream of a day when there is a cure and I don't have to worry about my son having a dangerous low in his sleep, or his pump malfunctioning and going into DKA. I dream of no carb counts, no pump bumps, no sore fingers, no sick tummies, no jello legs. I do. We all do.


I HOPE for inrange numbers every morning and night. I HOPE Justice will take pride his new pump and want to share it with other kids. I HOPE that we have found the right infusion set for him. I HOPE that his A1C is where it needs to be.

THESE things are my MAIN focus. His today, and his tomorrow, and his future with the cards we are dealt NOW. We don't really know if a cure will come this lifetime or any do we ? But we do know our kids have Type 1 diabetes and for them to stay alive and complication free we must be dilligent in their regime and have tight control. Thats MY focus.


Will I lose HOPE in a cure just because it may or may not come ? NO.

Will I allow Justice to become so consumed in a cure, that he thinks life with Diabetes is a death sentence? NO.

I love JDRF. I love the message. I love being part of the Family Walk Team Committee. I love that Justice is a Youth Ambassador. Thats right we're JDRF Rockstars. I love walking with all the other D parents and CWDs for a bigger purpose.

Its not just the HOPE of a cure. Its the HOPE of a better life WITH diabetes. More awareness, more care, less bullying, and slander. To me all these things are what we get from JDRF, and other organizations working towards a cure. The strides they make on the way have changed the way Diabetics live! Pumps! CGMS!

Ok so this is a little longer than I thought. My point summed up?

The other day while drawing our JDRF Walk Posters:
Me: "Justice, you do know we want a cure and will fight for one but if it doesn't come thats OK. You can still live a healthy and happy life with Diabetes. Look how amazing you are."
Justice: "umm duh mom, but a cure would be so cool".

Enough said.


k2 said...

HOPE does indeed float~

Reyna said...

JUSTICE ROCKS...DUH!!! LOL. I cannot look at life in general without hope...so of course it rolls into how I look at life with "D" for Joe. The hope for better treatment modalities so that life with "d" could someday be managed with less labor and the hope for all things learned today...and tomorrow...will lead to a distant future without "d" based on what is learned.

Lora said...

Couldn't have said it better myself :)
Live*Love*HOPE for a cure.

Renata said...

Love it. He has a good grasp on things. To be honest, we really have never talked about a cure. I don't know if that is a bad or a good thing, it's honestly just doesn't ever come up.

Michael Hoskins said...

Exactly. Hope can help and drive us in many ways, but it's when that hope drowns out all sense of reality that one must worry. Justice rocks and sees it straight as it is, just like his mom! What a great team! Keep the faith, as Bon Jovi says!

Meri said...

Completely agree! Hope is a powerful thing!

Laura said...

K2 took my comment. :)
Hope Floats! MWAH!! Love you girl!! And Justice too! Duh!!

Wendy said...

Powerful post, my friend!

Jello legs....OMGsh....Sugar tells me her low legs feel like JELLO all the time ;)

Here's to HOPE!

SomewhereThere'saCure said...

Hope keeps you going...
Keep Believing!

Alexis of Justices Misbehaving Pancreas said...

Thank you for your comments and support I am so overwhelmed!

I love that we all can agree on this and that we have hope for not just our kids but all Type 1s!

Wendy I cried when I read about sugar and her jello legs. Thats Justices all tell sign hes low and it breaks my heart. Thank you for sharing that with me.

Michael thank you! Coming from an Adult Type 1 whos been well the kid I take your opinion to heart. So thank you.

Laura we love you too!!

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