Saturday, September 25, 2010

JDRF Rock the Walk Ambassadors style

Rock the Walk is an event put together by another family. It started in their backyard and grew into this HUGE event with over 800 people! Its basically like a walk kick off where ticket proceeds go to JDRF.
Live music outside, while people dance, eat drink and raise money and awareness of Type 1 Diabetes.

Justice and the other Youth Ambassadors were asked to work the event. Go on stage say thank you, greet the patrons at the table and basically represent the face of Type 1 Diabetes.

I of course always accompany Justice and volunteer to help. We as parents have a job too.

While the crowd was dancing, singing, eating endlessly without a "carb care" in the world, I was rallying up my groups. We stopped checked Bgs, ate, bolused and went on to thank everyone.

Then one of the Ambassadors said let's go dance on the grass! So we did, grabbing glow sticks that were given out, and we went nuts.

About 30 minutes passed just as I was going to suggest a bg check one of the kids remembered it was time for her Levemir shot. We headed back to the table and proceeded to check. Justice was 84 with 4.2 IOB, one girl 68, and other 155. We treated J and her and sat down for a bit. Both dropped again. After 40 minutes, 10 tabs, a juice, 3 cookies and gummy bears (this is for both of them) they came up. All the while no one stopped. No one noticed what was going on. The fight that was taking place in their bodies. Just me, the JDRF outreach coordinator, and other Ambassadors.

We compared pumps, Dx stories, A1Cs and wisdom. None of them cared about anyone else there, they were just happy to BE.

It was a night that left me overwhelmed with emotion. Joy of seeing J play with other D kids and being proud to be part of this elite team. Fear. Fear of having my son and this other little girl continuously dropping with IOB. Sadness that this disease affects so many people. Not just kids, not just adults, everyone who deals with it day to day.

And proud. Proud to be a Dmom. Proud of my son. Proud of all of them for not letting Diabetes define them. I love all of them, as they vented, cried, laughed with me I felt honored to be on their team. I gave the teens my number and told them all about the D.O.C.

As I crammed tabs in Js mouth and wiped another girls blood on my shirt, I took a deep breath, and said "Dear God, this is why we need a cure.". This is why I walk, raise money, and awareness.

I don't lose sight of how amazing life is and can be with Diabetes, and I never ever let J think without a cure his life is over. Its not. He will grow up to be an amazing man, who's happy, healthy and successful. I know it! With our without Diabetes.

But that doesn't mean I won't stop fighting for one either. How can I? Bad things can happen, its not an easy road, and they deserve and need a cure.

We are a team. A family. Armed with pumps, tabs, sites, and syringes ready for the fight.

Won't you join us?

*I always say a cure starts with awareness so even if one is not found, let's bring about awareness to better the lives of Diabetics through better care, less ignorance and no more bullying!*
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Lora said...

amen! on that last part.

Glad you guys had a great time in spite of stinky D... That "kick off" sounds amazing :)

Reyna said...

Wow, Your kick off is as big as our Walk in Vermont - LOL. Alexis, you and Justice are doing an amazing job of advocating for all of us and spreading awareness. Thank you!

Meri said...

What an amazing night. It really puts it all into perspective! I'm glad you were there to give your group the love and support they needed!

Alexis of Justices Misbehaving Pancreas said...

Thanks ladies! It was quite amazing, I cried when I got home I wont lie. I felt like D mom to all of them running aorund with 6 large cookies was definitely a sight to see!

Laura said...

Your post brought tears to my eyes. All of the things - the invisible things we do to keep these kids alive.

Hell yes! I am all for raising awareness!!

Thank you for being such an advocate. We all benefit from your strength!!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Great message here! Sounds like a great night as well.

I love seeing Justice wearing the wristband! :)

"He will grow up to be an amazing man, who's happy, healthy and successful. I know it! With our without Diabetes."

Those sentences hit home and made me teary-eyed. I feel the same.

I feel the same about raising awareness, fundraising for research, getting involved in the community, etc., too. Keep on keeping on Alexis!!!

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