Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Totes aint just for Tummies!

Continued from last time, you all know how much J and I loooooove his Tummietote from Tallygear. Well, we knew we wanted another one but this time with a 4th pocket to really have all his D supplies fit for school.

I emailed Donna, who is seriously wonderful. She has made it possible for our kids to feel comfortable and have fun with their pumps!

I let her know we wanted another Tummietote with 4 pockets, and boy did she deliver! Its also double stitched for extra support and has deeper pockets than normal.

The back pocket holds glucose gel, 2nd pocket glucose drink, 3rd pocket with clear window the pump, and 4th pocket meter/lancing device/strips! (He keeps smarties/tabs in his pocket) This is IT for school. Yes the nurse has everything but just in case, Justice needs to also be ready to check his sugar and treat a low. Now he can hold it all no problem!

Now what's that on his arm you ask? Justice loves having his sites on his arms, it was the first spot we did actually. But wearing it on his arm with the pump on his tummy just didn't work for him. So I thought why not an armband like for an Ipod? I searched for 2 months with no success.

I then emailed Donna who jumped at the chance to help out. Boy, did she pull it off! Justice is beyond thrilled and now can wear his site on his arm without getting tangled in tubing.

Thanks Donna, once again for making an aspect of this disease that much easier to handle!

*Ladies, since getting laid off I have no access to a PC but please know I still read your blogs, just can't always comment from my Blackberry. I miss you all so much though, and you can always find me on twitter!*
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Reyna said...

I LOVE Tally GEAR!!! And the arm band is genius. Joe hasn't tried a site in his arm yet, but if he does, I know where I'll be heading...lol.

No worries on the commenting Alexis, we know you love us and support us. I hope the job hunt is going well and know I have been thinking of you and the family during this challenging time.


thisiscaleb said...

Creative minds!

Laura said...

That is awesome! I love the armband!
Seriously - where have I been?? You got let go? WTH? I had no idea. Girl - I'm so sorry.

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Donna sounds like a great find.

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