Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tummis, Pumps,and BIG smiles!

This is kind of a continuation of yesterdays post. I had received Justice's new pump, The Animas Ping and was soooo excited I had to blog about it and take pics right here in my office!

Last night was awesome! I got in the car with the HUGE box that said ANIMAS all over it and Justice knew what it was. "Mom, open it NOW!. Let me see NOW. Just pull over!". I couldn't, I didn't. So he was a bit grumpy on the way home. Whatever I knew once we got in the house and opened that box his whole mood would change!

To make things that much better, our Tummietote came the same day!! I couldn't believe it. He had no idea about that either.

The pictures will surely speak for themselves. But let me just say, Justice was BEYOND stoked about the Ping. We took everything out, looked at it. Watched the video, and wow! It's not only so high tech compared to the Spirit but it's so simple! We were in awe and in love right away. Waiting for the training is hard, cause I am so ready to just hook it up! But I like to know everything, so I am going to be patient.

Justice did tell his Spirit pump that he would miss him, and I know he will. As many issues as we had with basal settings and bubbles he has done a good job with us. Justice's average sugars went from 160-180, down to 120-150. So I thank him and say good bye. We are on to bigger and better things. I am so confident that with these new basals we are going to achieve even better control!

My husband, Justice, Synsyre and I are all so excited, did I say that already? Synsyre can't wait to play with Justice with the water guns, cause he knows this pump can handle it! YES!!

Some pics of my excited boy!

Now on to the Tummietote. OH MY GAAAWD! It is amazing. Now as soon as we put Dr. Doofenpump away for training, I let Justice open the next package, he was soo happy! He proceeded to put his Spirit in it and wow what a difference! It was soft against his site, no scratching, not bulky. He loved it. Slept with it and all.

Sorry for shirtless action, he's a nut.

Sorry, I had to mention his poor site scars. He scars easily. 

Now this morning I told him take it off and lets get his school pack on. His school pack is a pump pack, and a "bag" that goes around his waist. The bag holds, glucose gel, glucose drink, tabs, meter, strips, lancing device and his cheat sheet on how many tabs to take. His nurses offices has EVERYTHING but we also have him carry this so no matter where he is he can treat a low. Bathroom, playground, hallway, where ever. Waiting for the nurse is not always safe especially dealing with lows. He has only had to use it once, but still we are all, Justice included, more comfortable with him having it. Today he decided, he didn't want to carry it. He wanted to use the Tummietote. I just kept thinking this isn't going to work! There's too much in here. But ok, here we go......

OMG!! It worked! I did put the tabs in his pocket for easier access but sure enough the Tummietote held: his pump, glucose gel, glucose drink, his cheat sheet, meter, strips and lancing device! Plus, it wasn't bulky, you couldn't see it and it was easily hidden under shirt. He was so happy, I almost cried.

Here is a pic of his Emergency bag he had....

Here's Justice (very cranky in the morning) with all the same stuff in his Tummietote!

I know he doesn't look thrilled but he is not up for a photo shoot at 7:30am before school. But I had to have the pics! LOL.

Anyway it was a great day yesterday!! We are now waiting for word on when the Animas trainer will meet with us, and for the shipping label from Accu Chek so we can return the Spirit. I can't wait till its all done and finalized!

Thanks everyone who has supported us, and for letting us know about this amazing pump and pump pack!!


Lorraine of "This is Caleb..." said...

So glad to hear you have "diabetes goodies" to make things a little easier. :)

Laura said...

I am SO excited for you guys! Seriously!! Excited!! And yea - I'm sure Justice like the tummietote WAY better - - - it's got to be SO much less bulky for him!!

So exciting!

Penny said...

The tummietote looks great. The pics of Justin in the morning are beyond precious - who's a morning person anyway? Glad he likes his new pump!

Alexis of Justices Misbehaving Pancreas said...

Thanks ladies! It is ALL awesome!!

Laura I thank you and Reyna for being TallyGear pushers ;)

Heidi / D-Tales said...

So happy for you!!!

Justice is quite a handsome little guy. :)

Meri said...

I'm not a morning person either! I'm so excited for you family! The tummie tote seriously rocks, what a differnce!

Reyna said...

OK...I am jumping out of my seat with excitement for him...first off the ping rocks...of course...BUT, damn if that Tummietote doesn't look awesome on him. AND you can hardly tell he has all those supplies on his body!!! WOOT WOOT. I cannot wait for you to start the Ping. It is so intuitive Alexis. You will love it!

Wendy said...

You're going to LOVE the Ping :)

I cut a little hole in the back of one of the pockets to thread the tubing through :)

I believe you can actually order them that way, but I didn't realize it until AFTER we ordered ours. If not, I'm sure you can leave a comment requesting that a tubing hole be placed.

I just snipped a little one, large enough to get the connector through (keeping in mind that the fabric is stretchable, so you don't need to make it very big). Thread the tubing through.


Congrats on your new journey!!!!

Alexis of Justices Misbehaving Pancreas said...

Heidi, thank you and thank you!! I think so too ;)

Meri, it does! I couldnt believe it, I am so ready to order the next one.

Reyna..yay!!! lol You have me sooo excited about it as do you Wendy! I love hearing from parents who LOVE the Ping, gives me great comfort. Thank you ladies!

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