Friday, October 22, 2010


Days are longer. Nights are endless. Insignificant moments to others are our nemesis. Burning eyes. Tossing and turning. Waiting for the calm after the storm. Hoping to catch the light peaking out from the darkness. The smallest amount too large as the largest too small. Poking and prodding away at the innocence of what we know. Racing thoughts, accumulated worries, repercussions invisible to the outside world. But we are here. Holding each other up when we dont know if we are going to fall ourselves. Hearts are heavy and with great hope we move on to another day. It will always be here. We will always have to make room and time for it. It will always weigh heavy on our shoulders. But we will persevre. We will live. We will fight. There is no other option.


Reyna said...

Amen Sistah!

htimm=) said...

Amen to that! Great post!

Meri said...

Moving forward! It IS our only option! So true!

Jamie said...

Love this post.

"Holding each other up when we dont know if we are going to fall ourselves."

I know that feeling all too well. Even when your support system crumbles, at least you have someone to climb back up and put it all back together with.

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