Wednesday, October 20, 2010

In memory...

There are no words that can comfort the parents of Eilish the 13 year old child who lost her life to Type 1 Diabetes. May she RIP and fly with the angels.

No words to comfort my fellow D moms who are scared to sleep tonight.

Theres nothing I can say that can make any of this better. I type this with a heavy heart, I type this as my other fellow D moms said, knowing the monster that took this innocent little girl consumes my sons body as well.

I am scared. I am angry and I am so sad. I wish had more to say and a better way to say it. But I dont. This
post is dedicated to Eilish and her family. Youre all in our thoughts and prayers.

For my non D friends this is a tragic glimpse into our reality and our greatest fears. Please never again make light of this silent killer. Please. I beg of you.

Tonight be grateful, hug your kids a little harder, and support those who need it. We are all in this together.

We need a cure for this disease.

I will offer comfort
When I see you in pain
I will give you hope
When stormy days reign
I will lift your spirits
When your emotions drain
I will hear you out
When you need to complain
I will always love you
And that is how I will remain.


Kris said...

You said it perfectly when you said "Please never again make light of this silent killer." It's SO hard to get anyone who isn't living with this monster to fully understand how serious this really is. Eilish and all of the other children we have lost are proof that this IS a big deal and we DO need a cure.

(((HUGS))) to you and to all the other D Mamas who won't be sleeping tonight.

Reyna said...

This is why we all advocate and educate. I hope that we are making a difference. I hope that we are making this disease more VISIBLE for the dirty bastard that it is.

Celebrate With Us!