Saturday, October 2, 2010

JDRF in the house!

This has been such an amazing week for me.

Today JDRF had a booth at the Spring Valley Diabetes Health Festival. Numerous organizations, companies and sponsors came out. I got to run the JDRF booth!

I was placed next to the frozen yogurt stand which made for some interesting comments about Type 1 Diabetes, but ill get into that shortly.

As people passed I let them know about the Walk for a Cure, the research, clinical trials and other funding that JDRF makes possible. I got to explain the difference of Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes, and had the pleasure of meeting 3 adult Type 1s!

One guy had to be at least 65 and said he was diagnosed "about 100 years ago", haha. He proceeded to lift his shirt and show me his site and pump! It was so amazing. To see him walking around, no visible complications, in good mental health and owning his bad *ss Animas pump!

When he walked away I felt myself choked up. I saw my 7 year old son walking away from me, but a 65 year old man with his pump still dealing with this disease. It saddened me for the longevity but allowed me to see what we have always said. "You can LIVE with Diabetes!".

I then met a lady who was misdiagnosed Type 2, and now was being acknowledged as an adult Type 1. She had some questions on counting carbs so we played around on my calculator and went over some IC ratios!

The next few hours were filled with passer bys who had NO idea what Type 1 was. I was told by one lady it was cause of the fat and preservatives (frozen yogurt motivated comment), another who said once they are adults its called Type 2, and another who didn't know there was a Type 1 OR 2!

I knew this was my chance. Each one I explained to, that this was an autoimmune disease just like MS or Lupus, couldn't be prevented, and nothing those affected did caused this. NOTHING.

I actually had a group of ladies thank me for the data and she left $1 in our jar for a donation. The only one of the day. But I don't think she realized the magnitude of her support in so many other ways.

JDRF offers support for so many, not just kids, adults too. If I helped one person today learn to count carbs, or one person know the difference in these diseases then my job today was done.

I am so grateful to be part of this amazing organization. Its truly an honor. I can't explain the pride that comes with it.

On a personal note I got to meet the Animas rep who worked soo hard to get Justice on the Ping! I almost cried I was so overwhelmed! She couldn't wait to see Justice sporting his Ping!

Finally hubby and the kids showed and they met. It was a connection that can't be explained. When she mentioned she was a T1 for 33 years, it all made a little more sense. I got some goodies from her and some other reps, and was ready to knock out!

I am exhausted, and my feet hurt, but I wouldn't have spent my Saturday any other way!

To end the weekend with a BANG! Tomorrow is the NYC Walk For a Cure where Justice's Pancreatic Avengers will be walking!!! Yes! Friends and Family are walking there repping our team!! Its so amazing, first MN, now NYC, then Vegas! JPA is going national baby!

I must say a BIG thank you to Marcy of LV JDRF, the Outreach Coordinator who has blessed me with these amazing opportunities. I thank you for all your hard work, and dedication, and am honored to be working with you!

Such a big weekend for me, Justice, Type 1s, JDRF, and awareness. If I could bottle up this feeling and share it, I sooo would!!
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Reyna said...

(: Sounds like a great day and a great feeling...I can use that about right now. Thank you.

Heidi / D-Tales said...

What a day! You definitely made a difference. Every little conversation helps. Thanks for all that you do on behalf of all of our kids with type 1!

Lora said...

How dare they sell food at a Diabetes

Sounds like a great day:)

Wendy said...

Beautiful! Thank you for your hard work and GOD BLESS this journey....gets lots of pics :)

Michael Hoskins said...

That is so awesome! Great job advocating the awareness - it's so needed! Good luck at the Walk!

Heather said...

That is wonderful!! Thanks for advocating for all the kids and adults out there. You should be proud, you do great work!!

It's awesome that you got to meet your Animas rep!! I'm glad you had such a wonderful time.

Denise said...

I admire all you are doing to advocate for type 1s and bringing awareness to this disease. Thank you!

Alexis of Justices Misbehaving Pancreas said...

Thank you all for your wonderful comments and love! So blessed to have you all on my team. Will keep you posted on the next interview, its a 40 minute spot in two weeks!

Alexis of Justices Misbehaving Pancreas said...

Thank you all for your wonderful comments and love! So blessed to have you all on my team. Will keep you posted on the next interview, its a 40 minute spot in two weeks!

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