Friday, October 29, 2010


This word has come up quite often since my mom and brothers came visit. See my brothers are 10 and 7. My boys are 5 and 8. Yes.

During a low Justice had to eat some smarties. First thing my youngest brother said was "man youre lucky!". Justices face dropped. He got so upset. I told him he needed to explain why he was not. Educate. He then started to tell them how a low feels "its like jello. My legs feel like im melting I feel like I will just fall". I had to bite my lip from crying. My brother then said "well atleast you get to eat candy and not spinach when it happens". Justice was not amused.

This happened twice. Not during another low but when preparing him to go outside in the yard I arm him with smarties. It pains my heart to have hear my son explain why hes not lucky in life.

Then before getting out the car J was 149 with 2.6 iob so we gave him a juice and smarties. Again we heard the "youre so..." but before he could finish Justice said " NO YOURE LUCKY. LIKE 20 TIMES MORE THAN ME DUDE YOU DONT KNOW HOW MUCH DIABETES SUCKS."

He wasnt mean or crying actually laughed it off but you could hear the sincerity in his voice.

Its been a rollercoaster of emotions. Watching 2 kids who just eat and drink as they want. Play with no concern of a low or a brother who doesnt have to wait to eat till his brothers bgs in range. No worries of anything but kids stuff. I could go into further detail but I dont need to you guys get it.


I had to edit this. Cause I just realized in some ways we are more than others. My kids appreciate things more. Have more compassion and patience. And are more responsible than half the kids their age.

And they are here. With me. Thank god. Just hearing a kid tell J hes lucky to have candy and see his hurt break my heart either way.


Denise said...

First of all, that must have been wild to be pregnant around the same time as your mom, and for your kids to have uncles younger than them. anyhow...

I try to look at the positives and for kids, getting to eat candy is considered "lucky" Don't get me wrong, the reason for needing candy SUCKS! But if there is one positive thing about diabetes, it is the sweets! What other disease uses candy for medicine? Pretty lucky according to my T1D kiddo!
But to see your child get upset by others not understanding the realities of D...that hurts! No matter how "lucky" they may be to others.

Love to you guys!

Reyna said...

Yep, been there. It is usually Joe's friends that say it. Joe loves to hand out Starbursts to his buddies when he is treating a low. Then they don't say it as much. They do watch me with the Woodchuck #2 like salivating bulldogs...waiting for the pouch to unzip and the candy to start flying if/when Joe is low.

Love you is hard to watch our children live this sort of life sometimes. (((HUGS)))

Lora said...

I do the same thing as Reyna. When Justin gets candy... those around us do also. I don't think we have had anyone say were lucky.

Alexis of Justices Misbehaving Pancreas said...

Denise wild doesnt begin to explain it! See thats the thing to my mom doesnt allow candy really. So when j went low and i started to pass out smarties to all of them after treating him of course she said no they dont need it. Im the big sister so i gave it anyway lol but thats part of the issue. Justice had a low last night of 48 that scared them all. I think lucky wont be used as a word anymore. I think if it was said any other way like ohh cool u get candy! He wouldnt be pissed but lucky he did not like. Sorry for the rambling. I havent sleptj in 2 days even with carbs and basal decreases of like 60 percent couldnt get him over 100 till 4am. Ill say this...i am definitely lucky to have u guys!

shannon said...

When L was first diagnosed all the girls on her soccer team would tell her how LUCKY she was to eat candy during the games. It really upset her, and she did her best to educate them, as you say. Once they saw her crumple during a soccer game and the treatment was candy/juice, I think they figured out it's not so lucky. Anyway, we've been there.

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