Friday, October 22, 2010

One At A Time.

A week or two when Justice had that bad low of 32 in class he mentioned that he hated that his friends said "ohh hes lucky he gets candy!". I hate that mom he said being low doesnt feel good. After I let him vent and comforted him, I told him that they just didnt understand. If we want people to get it we must educate and advocate. "I got it Mommy".

He sure did. Today was the first day of Diabetes school. Diabetes school as Justice explains is where he teaches other kids about Type 1 & what they can do to help potentially save his life. He would quiz them on what D was, on what to do if he was high or low and when sugar IS needed and when its not.

He explained the only kid interested was his new friend M. His dad is Type 2 and he wanted to learn and help. (where was Js "wife" I would love to know but Ill handle that another day ;) )....

"Only one kid was into it mommy. Hes now my good friend. He really cares". I told him one kid, one person at a time is all it takes. Today he made a BIG difference for all Diabetics and how proud he should be. He is an Advocate, and I couldnt be prouder of him.

"I am Mommy. Cant wait for next Diabetes class".

Today may have prevented another kid from having a bad low with no help, or another child from getting bullied. The media is no help as I am seeing more and more. We are the ones who needed to get involved and make a difference.

Today Justice did just that.


Hallie said...

I LOVE this! Go Justice! Diabetes school is a great idea! And you never know... Maybe next time there will be one more. And then one more... I'm so proud of you, Justice! Way to go! I wish I could give you a great big hug!

htimm=) said...

Good job Justice!

Wendy said...


Reyna said...

...and a "belly bump" too for Justice. person at a time dear friends. This week has cemented that in me more than anything else. I will not rest in telling our stories until more is done...until our children are safe...until there is a cure.

Justice you are "top notch" in my book...and your friend who went to d-scool rocks too!.

Lora said...

This is just what I needed to read today. One person at a time. He sure sounds like a special friend to me. Way to go Justice :)

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