Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pressure. Literally.

Well today was the day we met with the doctor from Social Security. Not sure what she was looking for. She looked at his pump, his site, height, weight, and then asked about his diagnosis. She also asked why he was on a pump. Um....yeah.

She then asked me in hopes of confirming "so his A1C at dx was 8 right?". Thank god I brought all the papers from dx. Labs, everything. Over 50 pages. I had her make a copy showing his A1C as dx was 13.1.

I then explained that one of us needed to be home not only to administer insulin at lunch or when hes high but 3x this week he had to be picked up due to feeling wiped out from a low. She agreed someone needed to be accessible at all times. She doesnt make the decision but her agreeing was a good sign to me.
Then she checked Js blood pressure. It was high. What? No. Never. I stayed calm and asked what that could mean and what should I do? She explains that it could be an isolated incident due to his nerves and then says she doesnt trust the digital machine she has anyway. Wtf? She suggested calling endo Monday and mentioning it and having them repeat the test. Ok. I let out a half ass relieved sigh. But Justice has already semi processed something may be wrong. Great.

We get home and relax, an hour later is lunch. Hes 220. Its 3 plus hours post breakfast.Havent seen a number this high post anything in weeks. Hmm ok. Correct and we put off lunch for an hr or so. Recheck 250. Site is good. Correction still on board. I raise basals. He comes down to 215 so we eat. Now for the next 5 hours he will not budge from the 200s. This has not happened for weeks what is going on? Dh and I are convinced hes exhausted and was anxious about doc appt. We keep basals at a +30% for the afternoon. He comes down to 170 so we turn it back to normal. Boys and dad hit park and him being him is non stop and comes home at 76. Not too bad.

Dinner bg is a nice 140. While eating Justice says "dad is it bad I have high blood pressure? What does this mean now?". I knew it. This was why he was high all day. He was scared just like me. He dwelled on it all morning and his poor body felt the wrath. I explained it was once and her machine may have been off and I was sure its nothing but we will follow up. He said ok but I know he didnt buy it.

Our kids have to deal with so much and learn more than they should at this age. He was at a nice 135 post dinner and stopped asking about his bp.

Ill be calling endo Monday and waiting for SSI answer. In the meantime I hope J doesnt dwell on it as much as mommy.


Lora said...

Deep breath chica!! It was probably him being anxious about the appointment. No worries.

Reyna said...

Yep, I am with Lora. Joe's was high on the digital apparatus at his last endo appts. The MD then took one manually and it was fine. I love you. I love Justice!

Wendy said...

DITTO! High on the machine - normal manually. Ummmm....did she check it manually????? Seems like she should have to confirm the reading?

Meri said...

Our doctor says it isn't a problem unless there are three high readings in a row. IF for some crazy fluke he does have high blood pressure, a little pill will fix it all up! No worries, you take great care of him and will make sure he gets anything he needs to stay healthy! ((HUGS)) Poor guy...our kids already worry so much. :(

Alexis of Justices Misbehaving Pancreas said...

thanks ladies i feel better now. She didnt have a child cuff for manuel one. Like i said shes just the ssi doc...but ima call endo tomorrow. Thx so much id be lost without you all!

Laura said...

Oh girl - how I can relate. It's like WTH else can go wrong?? I agree with all of the smartie ladies above - - - probably just an isolated incident but it is worth checking out. I'm sure it is nothing.

Love you! Keep us posted. K?

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