Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Quick update!!

So sorry this posted blank. This new phone is really upsetting me. Due to lack of funds I had to get rid of my blackberry so I have no apps so twitter and blogger aint easy from my phone now...:( Happy news? Justices bgs have been awesome. I dont wanna say too much and jinx it. Today I did another radio spot on JDRF, type 1 and Justice who by the way will be 8 on Sunday!!! Saturday we are doing the Heart Walk which we are excited to be a part of. Thank you all for checking on us, I wont lie things are rough right now but we are trying to stay positive and focused. Also for my Fb buddies someone tried to hack my acct so Im locked out until I can get to a pc to fix this. With D versary coming up I gotta get this all fixed. Well thats pretty much the update. Blah and blech sums up alot for me but yay for good bgs and walks and radio shows and bdays! lol clearly Im scattered. Hope youre all doing well. Love you all!!


FatCatAnna \\^^// said...

I only access Twitter/Facebook from my old PC-can't afford Blackberry and other gadgets (too expensive here in Canada) -so if I can do it-you can my friend as well! Glad to hear Justices BG's are going great (mine are too - we must have luck on our side). Keep on smiling :)

Reyna said...

Oh sweetie hang in there!!! But yes and a hip, hip, hooray on the BGs, the 8th b-day, AND the Walk, AND the radio interviews. Thank you for all that you do for Justice and all persons with type 1 Alexis.

I cannot wait to hear how the Walk and the Birthday go. Tell Justice Reyna and Joe say happy B-day. Joe won't be 8 until the Spring.

Thinking of you and yours!!!

Lora said...

There are days I wish I could get rid of my phone and computer. I might get stuff done around here :)
(see that positive twist??)

Alexis of Justices Misbehaving Pancreas said...

thanks ladies ;) i just am frustrated cause i use the social networks for raising money organizing events etc. But its ok im making it work..so glad i have all of u to bitch to lol love u all! Reyna thanks for the early bday wishes ill let you know how all goes!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

I wish you lived closer. I'd offer to let you use my computer. I know how frustrating it must be, but I'm glad you're trying to stay positive. Good BGs, another radio spot, a birthday, the Heart Walk--that's all awesome stuff!

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