Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Scared shitless.

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I just read on twitter that another young child 13 years old died at the hands of Type 1 diabetes. As a mom of a Type 1 need I say more? My heart goes out to this family. I dont really have much to say I just feel so sad right now and scared. I was originally going to post about how its bullshit insurance wont cover more than 300 strips a month because according to them 10 times a day is enough testing. I say fuck that I will test as much as I need to allow me to know J is safe. So scary when I know Im almost out of strips and refill isnt for another 2 weeks. Ugh. This is why I try and grab as many free samples as we can get cause its just not enough! I do want to blog about this in depth but I cant put my words together too well tonight. Sorry. With Diaversary coming in 2 days I am feeling so emotional, so overwhelmed and so ready to give D a swift kick in the nuts. Ok thanks for listening, doubt Ill be getting any sleep tonight.


Reyna said...

Cold chills Alexis. What is it with these 13 year old boys??? and death? My biggest fear is obviously that ... to be a family who does it all, everything, anything to keep their child safe ...AND...STILL... this ending. I am so upset. Thanks for sharing.

Penny said...

Amen sister. Me too. All we can do is one day at a time and thank the sweet Lord we get another one each and every day.

Hallie said...

Ugh. Makes me wanna puke. It's just so scary.... I hope you got some sleep! ((hugs))

Jen said...

That is the kind of story I hate to hear. I try not to be afraid but..shit! How can you NOT be afraid when these things happen??
And as for test strips..I know, RIGHT? It makes me furious that the insurance companies put a limit on the number of strips we get. It just isn't right.

Amanda said...

Our insurance only lets us get 150 strips a month, so I have to purchase an additional 150-200 out of pocket!

It is so sad that D has taken another young person from his family. Scared shitless? Oh yeah, you hit the nail on the head with that one.

Alexis of Justices Misbehaving Pancreas said...
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Kimberly, Meal Mommy said...

We will never stop checking at night. Everytime I think it's okay...I read something like this. My heart is broken for this family. Just broken.

Alexis...insurance sucks. I went to pick up insulin last night and it isn't covered til Thursday so it's $134 instead of $10. WTF?? I borrowed some.

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