Saturday, October 23, 2010

What Can You Do With Just A Dollar?

Well? What could you do with just $1? Gum. Water. Slot pull. A tamale. Can of soda. Balloon. Ramen soup. A lighter. Ices. Ice cream cone. And well at a 99cents store anything.

You could also do something really significant. Something powerful. Something that will make a difference in MILLIONS of peoples lives. Just $1 from 100 people is $100. Right? So if everyone I know spared just $1 we would make a nice dent huh?

Oh but what is the $1 for you ask? Well, a dream, a hope, a brighter tomorrow, no more lows, no more highs, no more calloused fingers, no more infusion sets, no more of parents mourning their children taken unjustly and too early, no more related heart disease, or blindness, or limb amputation. No more watching the one you love suffer day in and day out by a disease that the outside world sees as "manageable". Bullshit. This disease is not terminal but it does kill. Believe that.

I pray every night, every morning and well whenever I am talking to god that a cure will come in Justices lifetime. I want to be able to sleep and know that hes safe in his bed and this monster wont sneak up on him. I want to allow him to play and run for hours on end without seeing him sweat and shake from a low that could kill him if not fixed fast. I want to see him just have a cold! A regular one, without the fear of ketones and sky high blood sugars. I want to see him healthy. 100%.

Theres a moment every 3 days where I catch a glimpse of what was and what will be if a cure is found. Site change night. Justice removes his old site and showers without anything cleaning his skin for the next one. But for that moment hes without his pump, and site I see the boy who had carefree play and restful nights sleep. The scars from his previous sites are his badges of honor, he will show them to his kids and grandkids and tell them all about this disease called Type 1 Diabetes that he USED to have.

But we cant achieve this without you. And you. Yes and you. Even her, him, and them.

Just $1 will from you will get us closer to the dream that must become our reality.

Please support Justices Pancreatic Avengers in our JDRF Walk for a cure. You could say one day " I helped find that cure".


Misty said...

Nicely written! Thank you for your part in finding a cure for our kiddos!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Well-said! A powerful message!!! Imagine if we could just get one single dollar from every person we know...better treatments and technologies and ultimately a cure would come so much sooner!

Lora said...

HMMM! Nice angle my friend!! I might have to borrow it ;)

Reyna said...

GREAT POST Alexis! Thanks for getting out there and advocating and fundraising and educating! Every little bit will help our kiddos and persons with type 1 in the future.


Alexis of Justices Misbehaving Pancreas said...

Thanks for the love ladies! I just wish people truly understood the magnitude of this disease. We cannot lose anymore. Lora my love borrow away!!

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