Wednesday, November 3, 2010

300 aint sh*t!!!

You heard me. 300 aint shit.

Thats how many strips we get a month despite Js endo letting Medicaid know he checks 10 to 15x a day. They dont care thats their limit.

We never check less than 10x a day. Period. We dont have a cgm and therefore we must act as such. Thats how I feel.

Im not saying this how everyone should feel to each his own. But we do. We check every nightwhile he sleeps minimally 3x. And all day every 3hrs minimally.

Now when hes low we have to recheck every 15 minutes till in range right? Sooo what if that takes 2 hrs?!

Highs? Bad sites? Occlusions? Error messages? Forgot to wash hands?


Dont get me wrong I am beyond grateful to finally have coverage after 2 yrs of paying cash for everything. I know there are others who have No strips NO insulin no nothing. I cant even begin to imagine. My heart aches for them.

But there is a way to help! For every view this video gets a donation will be made to make insulin available to a child in need up to 75gs! CLICK THE LINK WATCH IT WATCH IT AGAIN AND FORWARD IT TO EVERYONE!!! For addl info on how this works check out K2s very informative post!

WAIT!! Theres another way to help! Help diabetics in need in Rwanda have access to strips!! Yes! Click here for all the info.

My point is tonight as I notice that I filled Js strips RX Friday and am already down to 240, that NO ONE should be able to dicate how many times we test or change sites or how many iv preps we use.

It makes me sick.

Im out of work. My husband is out of work. Both laid off. And Las Vegas has THE highest unemployment rate. Theres no work or they wanna pay minimum wage! After gas and taxes...well you get it. We worry all the time when we see our strips coming to an end before our refill can be called in.



Lora said...

I was on my last bottle when the new ones arrived ~phew! I wonder if there is a way around that system?

Reyna said...

You are right...I don't like that anyone can dictate how many times you check. You just never know what is gonna be thrown your way with "d"...lows, ketones, highs, illnesses...these all require extra vigilence and checks.

Makes me sick too.

Heather said...

makes me sick too. No one should be able to tell us how many times a day we can test our kids. Every kid/family is different in what they need/want. Insurance companies should be aware of this and not put up such a fuss.

Denise said...

Not to mention those dang 'error 5's!! OneTouch should reimburse us strips each time we get an error...maybe then, 300 would be fine. Have you checked with One Touch to see if they have a program to get more strips or a discount? I know J&J covers part of the copay for ours each month.

Rachael said...

Hey, I know it's not much, but since I now have a Dexcom, and usually only test 5 times a day, I could spare about 200 strips if you want them. I don't know what kind of meter you have but I could even send a meter to go with the strips, I have one everywhere! If you could use them, e-mail your address and I would be more than happy to share. I guess every little bit helps when life is so expensive!

Take Care!!


Renata said...

Honey, I feel you. We left the country for decent work. We've gone thru 5 layoffs and the last one we both were done in. Stress enough, then add in a child who needs care. Now you have to count out test strips like your are counting out grapes for morning snack. I do feel for you and you have every right to be upset.

Anonymous said...

So you are saying even with a pediatric endo's letter of medical necessity and willingness to preauthorize an override for the maximum number of strips Medicaid still will not give you the strips? I'm not at all surprised. If you have not done so, get a Case Manager and fight this. There may be some program that will help with more strips. Promise program from Abbot (they use the Freestyle strips will give $50 off strips a month). So if it comes down to your having to pay out of pocket consider picking up some Freestyle strips (easy to get a free meter). Or Walmart Reli-on mini or their other meter. Strips are half the price of One Touch and they are good quality meter and strips. Whatever you do don't pay full price for your extra strips!

Anonymous said...

P.S. If Medicaid will pay for Dexcom 7 Plus (they might), I would get one, even if you use it part time for when blood sugars especially problematic. Dex is the least painful of existing cgms to insert (not much worse than a site change). It is reliable once you get over the learning curve. This would be another way you could cut back on strips plus if your child would agree to wear it full time, you will have much better control.

Alexis of Justices Misbehaving Pancreas said...

Thanks for the support ladies as always! RAchel I emailed you :) Denise with Medicaid there is no co pay so anything extra has to be full out of pocket.

To Anyomous....yes mediciaid has a 300 strip per month limitation. There is no override we have done that 2x already. We applied for SSI for J which would provide money for him monthly and we will use that for extra supplies and or cgm sensors if approved amt is great enough.

No medicaid pgms cover cgms. We have checked already. Walmarts Relion strips are the ones we used before Medicaid and what we would buy if we needed but when youre a family of 4 living on one parents unemployment as the other no longer qualifies 50 bucks is alot of money. Thats whats so frustrating.

If i was still working I would still think its bs but could afford extra strips. Thankfully the DOC has been amazing in helping out as has Js endo with samples. So we will be able to test how we like. Abott Promise pgm is not worth it imo 50 off you still pay atleast 100 a box I can get the same amount from Relion.

In closing lol ...what do families do when insurance has limitations and they are unemployed due to lay offs and living in a state where theres a hiring freeze? Ive been able to make due thanks to friends and family helping. Not everyone has that option. Its sad.

Amanda said...

I hear you! We are on state health insurance here in AZ and they only allow 150 strips per month. I know you are on a limited income, but check out this site they have strips for way less than the stores do, I get ours a box of 100 for $48 where a box of 50 costs $52 at walmart and if you spend over $100 then the shipping is free. They ship pretty quickly too, takes about 3 days from when I place on order for the strips to get to us.

Sarah Wilson said...

HI! I just wondered onto your blog somehow and I'm enjoyin reading it! I SO feel you on this one, sister! Our daughter is only 1 so she can't tell me when she's feeling high or low so I'm always checking like a mad woman. Plus we have a diabetic alert dog that alerts me when her bg is on the rise or dropping (before she's high or low), so we check and then recheck to see how fast she's rising or dropping...and how to adjust accordingly. We go through 600+ strips each month and it's about to KILL us! It's worth it as we've brought her a1c down from 10.4 to 7.1, but something's got to give! Praying yall get some relief in the employment department soon!

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