Tuesday, November 9, 2010

D Blog Day---6 Things! -----JDRF walk update!

Its annual D Blog Day. A day started by fellow D advocate and Blogger Gina Capone.

Today we discuss 6 things I want YOU to know.

First I asked Justice and he said "Just tell em it sucks 6x". Point taken baby.

Heres MY 6 things:

1. TYPE 1 is auto immune. Justices body attacked itself. Means basically it fought of good cells instead of bad.

2. Diet, exercise and preservatives did not cause his Type 1.

3. When I cry about the loss of one of our D kids in the community please dont tell me , "yea but you take such good care of him and hes sugars are good". This doesnt help. This is you brushing off the fear and concern we live with everyday.

4. Dont say outloud "well Justice cant have that". He can have the same shit as your kid. He just needs to ensure his sugars in range and count the carbs.

5. It hurts that SOME family/friends asks less about hows Justice is doing than perfect strangers. Im tired of the lack of support. Im tired of the brushing me off when I tell you he had short term memory loss due to a low. Im tired of the not caring. EVERYDAY is a battle. Its hard. We cry, we get angry and scared. The lack of support just makes it worse.

6. Im not the same person. Im on a mission to yes find a cure but to give my son THE best care and life possible. I appreciate things that you may not and get frustrated when you get angry about trivial shit. Sorry its the truth.

If you want to know more just ask....


The walk was amazing!! We walked for a cure with JDRF on 11/6/10. We cut the ribbon, we won best family t shirt (this is where all your kiddos and your names were featured! All fellow type 1s were given a spot on the shirt.) and ended up with about 26 walkers!

It was an amazing day. If I could bottle up that feeling and sip a bit each day I would!

There are some pics on flickr.com/sugar_nova. My dads a professional photographer and did an amazing job..theres about 300 more pics coming....

Shoutout to all my team mates and all who supported us. Love you all!!


Meal Mommy said...

WELL SAID!!!! It's amazing to me how many people just brush off diabetes...and then how many "friends" spend countless hours complaining to me about whether they should stay at the Four Seasons or the friggin W Hotel on their 100th vacay with their man...ALONE. Really dumbass? Pick someone else to bitch to...I get no vacation and neither does Lily.

Lorraine of "This is Caleb..." said...

I'm so glad your walk went so well! Congrats!

Reyna said...

Well said MILF, Well SAID!!! Glad the WALK went well too.

Love you!

Renata said...

Great post. You know what...no one EVER asks how my kids are doing. I never even noticed it until I read your 6. That's sad and I am sorry that you don't have the support you wish you did.

And number 3. Right the hell on sister.

Wendy said...

#6 really stopped me in my tracks.

WHEW! I am not the same person.

I'm just not.

Congrats on a fantastic awesome amazing walk!!!

Jen said...

So glad you guys had such a great walk! #5..yeah..that sucks. I have a couple of "friends" who disappeared after D..I try not to think about them because it make me to damn angry!

shannon said...

Congrats on winning the t-shirt contest! Rock on!

Love your 6 things and especially love Justice's response! I wonder if my kid will say something similar when I ask her!

Heather said...

I'm not the same person either.
Congrats on winning the t-shirt contest!!!

Meri said...

"Don't say out loud, Justice can't hav that." and let's add...don't say out loud ANY comment about Justice's diabetes unless it is an honest, innocent question suitable for a child to answer.

Great list!

Sarah Wilson said...

LOVE your six...preachin to the choir on this one..

#2 - If I hear this again from someone I'm going to scream! My 9 month old child COULDN'T exercise and was on a mainly BREASTFED diet. We didn't do anything to cause this..ugh, girl...hit on a nerve with this one...

#3 - Amen! No, I'm not being a drama queen if I get upset that someone else's child - with the same disease that my infant daughter has - dies.

#4 - Leave my child's diabetes care to me, please. This one goes both ways around here. She can have anything your child can have, so please keep your comments and dietary advice to yourself...but if I choose to not feed her some high sugar somethin-or-other because of how she's trending that day or her current crazy high bg DON'T try to guilt me from "depriving" her of the misery that is a prolonged high bg and the ensuing rebound rolloercoaster for 12 seconds of taste bud heaven... Sensitive sincere concern wrapped in ignorance I can handle (occasionally), know it all or flippant comments TICK ME OFF.

#5. What is UP with that?? I can count on one hand the number of friends that are still around at all since Faith's diagnosis. This has been one of the most surprising things with her dx. We thought we had the greatest friends/family/support system, but you could hear CRICKETS in the hospital room when she was diagnosed...and the three times she's been hospitalized since then. No calls, no cards, no nothing...and if I see them it's sort of like "what's the big deal, feed her a salad, make her run and play and she should be fine, right?" urgh

#6 - TOO true. Not even the same. Please don't whine to me that you didn't sleep last night because the neighbor's dog was barking...I haven't slept in a year from fear that my child might not wake up in the morning.

Wow, thanks, commenting on your post was cheaper than therapy ;)

pancreas said...

Can you post here t-shirts photo? Thanks :)

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