Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A D Moms Thanks.---Thanksgiving post part 2

First Id like to send a BIG HUGE Happy Thanksgiving to all of my D moms, D dads, Ds and D kids! I wish you all a calm D day and cooperating bgs, sites, meters, pumps, insulin and all other things we need to...well cooperate!

This post is part of Diabetes Blessings Week. The awesome Mike at My Diabetic Heart came up with it and hes just awesome. Seriously.

This ones for you guys.

This Thanksgiving I have something I didnt last year. THE D-OC. To say you all have changed my life would be an understatement. Im not sure how to truly explain the magnitude of your importance to me.

I have made some really special friends here (dont blush you know who you are), friends that I cry with, laugh with, bitch with and be myself with!

I have always been an outgoing, fun spirited life of the party kinda gal. But even before dx my kids came first. This is the mom I am. I wont change that for anyone. D became in a sense another child for me. A part of me old friends and family arent used to. And I get that. But that doesnt mean its gonna change. This is my life. I am a mom, pancreas, wife, daughter, sister, friend, woman...pretty much in that order.

I mention this cause I have never had anyone embrace the pancreas in me really. Does that make sense?

You all embrace ALL of me including the pancreas. You hold us up when we are falling, listen when we are frustrated and make us laugh when D is knocking us on our ass.

Did you know everytime a I get a blog comment saying I love you or youre so awesome I cry? Yup.. EVERY. TIME.

In short this year I have an extra thing to give thanks for at our dinner table. ...


My D thanks:

Justices kick ass Animas Ping

Medicaid which allows us a full stock of life saving supplies at no cost..

Insulin cause without it my son would be dead. Period.

JUstices amaziing endo and cde.

Our awesome scale.

Calorie King.

Low carb almond milk.

Pings meter remote.

The schools awesome nurse and nurses aide.

Living walking distance to Justices school to bolus him.

Smarties and juicy juice.


Blood ketone strips.

Steel canulas.

Vitamin water with stevia.

And so much more...


Alexis,Biggah, Justice and Synsyre


Lorraine of "This is Caleb..." said...

Love you all back! Huge HUGS!!

Joann, Bennie and Jaden said...

love you lex...and all the boys...wish you were in NY to share the holidays with keep up the awesome work ma

Lora said...

you are super AWESOME and I luv ya!
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

Laura said...

You are awesome and I love you! Are you crying? Great list! I'm still amazed that you can type all of these posts on your phone. Girl - that is amazing!

Wendy said...

I HEART YOU! Happy Thanksgiving :)

htimm=) said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Reyna said...

I LOVE YOU...and I like the way you stated that you haven't had people embrace your "pancreas-self" before the D-OC. Never have I read a truer statement that pertains so deeply to my inner-self.

I am thankful for you Lexxi. I love your potty-mouth, I love your "life of the party self", I love that you are passionate about life, about your children, and about "d" inspire me to be more and do more. I thank you for that.

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