Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I wants to know!

So this is sorta of a Meme but not really. Just things Im curious about. Some are totally random by the way. Feel free to answer in a comment or post your own, whatevs lol. Thought it would be cool to get to know all of you more and maybe pick up some tips along the way!
Also include some of your favorite picks of your D rockstar!

For informative purposes: Justice age 8 Type 1 since 10/21/08.

When did you guys start pumping?
June of 2010 with the Accuchek Spirit NIGHTMARE.
September 2010 Animas Ping w/ Contact detach sites

What do you use to change sites? Whats your "process"?
We use IV preps to clean the skin, then we apply Skin Tac to the skin. Then insert site and cover with IV 3000. To remove sites we use Unisolve adhesive remover, then wipe with alchohol prep and apply Neosporin.

How often do you check ketones?
Whenever bgs are over 250 two times in a row or once over 300. Also first sign of any sickness no matter what the bg.

When do you do an unscheduled site change?
Similiar to above twice over 250 and once over 300, ketones or not. Unless we are certain its a food issue. Also if he is steady high 180s-low 200s we know somethings off. I also check for bleeders before bed and after school. He bangs hits sites alot.

Whats your childs target?
During the day 90-140, bedtime of when sleeping 130-180. Our endo asked us not to correct under 200 at bedtime or middle of the night. It usually comes down on its own and he wakes up right on target so we have been following this.

What was your childs last A1C?

What kind of strips do you use?
One Touch

Which do you prefer?
Aviva only because theres less errors messages. Aviva and One Touch always match when we compare.

What kind of Peanut Butter do you use?
Jiff. I prefer no sugar added and organic but I didnt win that one.

Do you allow juice when not low?
Yes but we dont do it. He drinks so much for lows and or activity . Also he prefers OJ which spikes him crazy.

Do you still check your child at night?
Yes. Kids eat at 6ish, Kids bedtime is 8ishpm. We check at bedtime, 10pm, midnight, 3am, and 7am always.. Sometimes more ofcourse depending on numbers and I do alot of 5am checks as well for my peace of mind.

What is your rule on sweets?
Moderation like before. We have found some great things we may not have even thought of before D. Some staples for us are Trader Joes milk chocolate bars 7gc, Zbars protein bars for kids Organic and sooo yummy, and 100 calorie pack cookies, cheez its ect only 15gc per bag.

Regular pasta or whole wheat?
Whole wheat

What about veggies and fruits?
We do one fruit and one vegetable serving minimum a day. Mommys rule.

White bread or whole wheat?
We use Natures Own Whole Wheat so easy on bgs!

Do you use glucose tabs?
Thanks to Leighann at DmomBlog not any more! We buy huge ass bags of smarties! They both have the same main ingredient Dextrose.

What do you use to treat lows?
Smarties, gummi bears, pixie sticks, juice boxes, marshmellows, lollipops (if not too low), and jelly bellys.

What does your child use to hold their pump/cgm?
TUMMIETOTE!!! and armband also made by Tallygear :)

Ok. Thats all I got. Feel free to add questions to yours!PhotobucketPhotobucket


Reyna said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this. I will get on it soon girl... I learn so much from you gals!

Alexis of Justices Misbehaving Pancreas said...

AWW shit! The edited version didnt post..I shouted you out for the idea! Same reason the pics are tooooo big..I did this from my phone! Lol cant wait to read yours love!

Denise said...

LOVE your pancreatic avenger picture...AWESOME necklace!
Will post ours when I get a chance :-)

Lora said...

I think I have a post for NaBloPoMo tomorrow!!! HOLLA!

Love it ;)

Hallie said...

LOVE IT! And I was thinking the same as Lora!

Laura said...

Great meme - - I'll get on it!!
Thanks for sharing! We love Smarties too!!

em180 said...


Pam said...

What a great idea! I'll be posting over at Wicked Sweet!

Jonah said...

About me:
Jonah, age 22, dx'd 9/1/2006.
Don't pump.
Check ketones when I'm sick or high overnight or very high (over three hundred).
I aim at 110.
I use Accu-Chek Aviva, which is what I prefer.
I use mashed peanuts from the health food store.
I drink juice when I'm not low; up to three ounces usually, or sometimes, mixed with water, while exercising, particularly on long walks.
I check at night if there's a need or if the Dexcom manages to wake me, or if I happen to be awake.
I eat all the sweets I want to, unless I'm high, in which case I can have sugar free or I can have one dum dum (it's six carbs and takes me about half an hour to chew).
I usually eat whole wheat pasta, but not always.
I eat fruits and vegetables every day. I usually have at least one fruit in my lunch and vegetables sort of sneak into sandwhiches and soups and so forth.
I do not use glucose tabs.
I do use soft mints, sugar packets, pretzels, white bread, various candies (they have to be easy to eat fast, and they have to be nothing but sugar), and recently I've been chugging the mixes for cider (it's 96% sugar, 4% ascorbic acid plus flavoring and coloring).
I use the case that came with the Dexcom, and put it on my belt, usually; other times I put it in the pocket of my boxers.

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