Thursday, November 11, 2010

JAWS in Las Vegas.

JAWS IS IN LAS VEGAS!!!! YES! Scary. Dangerous. Will make you run your ass off!

No, no, not that fake ass shark from the 80s. Waaaaaaay worse.

Jogging And Walking=JAWS. This is an afterschool program that Justice and about 100 other kids all dressed like him mind you (youll see the relevance in this in a moment) run laps for 30 minutes. If they become tired they may walk them.

So here goes the story. The first time we participated we did a temp basal of 50% and a 15cg snack as his bg was 104. Well he came home at 87--score--but then spiked to 300 with trace ketones. Umm yea not how we wanted that to go.

So yesterday I went to pick up J and S and said ok lets go home! He reminded me that JAWS was going on. FUCK!! See we have a D bag we bring everywhere. It has Ping remote, back up meter, insulin, sites, cartridges, glucose gel and tabs, smarties, juice, glucagon and more! Now Justice carries with him a meter, smarties, juice and gel. His school is only around the corner so I didnt bring the bag knowing he had all he needed on his waist.

So I said a small fuck in my head when he reminded but that quicky calmed down as I knew he had his tummitote stocked and there is a stand that sells snacks too.

So we proceed to check his bg with his meter...NOTHING. Wont turn on nothing! Wtf!? I starte to tell him we must go home asap and that he would have to miss JAWS. His bg check at 2 was 95 with snack so I knew he was ok. I was pissed his emergency meter wasnt working! To clarify he has never had to use it. Usually if he feels low he just eats his smarties and waits for nurse to come to him. But I like him to have one just in case.

DING DING!! Nurses office! She has 2 meters and extra juice. We go to her and grab each and proceed to JAWS. At this time Justice was in tears thinking we would have to leave. Cursing Diabetes and his life. I was so happy I thought to go to the nurse and get what we needed. Made a mental note to swap out his meter as soon as we got home.

Ok so off to JAWS. Bg check starting was 108. Gave him free 15gc but decided against the temp basal this time. We agreed to do a bg check every 3 laps.

Heres the "fun" part. Imagine watching 100 plus kids running all dress in the same effin uniforms and trying to keep your eye on YOUR D son. Luckily my baby has the cutest run so I was able to keep my eye on the prize so to speak. We checked every 3 laps each time he was 10 points lower. We did a full 40 grams and then I did a temp basal of minus 20%. When it was done he was at 87! Woot! But he felt low even grabbed his chest as he walked to me. I almost vomited I was so scared. We treated our selves to Firecracker Jrs which are 10g. I decided not to bolus. Just treat the high if it occurs.

JAWS is hard for me. Its scary. I fear seeing him collapse while running, or worse. A sea of kids all who have no worry about running. Whos parents can kick back and have a conversation or whatever because they dont fear what I do. He was sad too. His friends dont have to stop. They can keep going and when he did stop none of them waited for him. He was mad. He was hurt. Its not fair.

When we were walking home he talked to a friend who mentioned he ran 1 mile. My baby ran 2! Take that D!

When we got home he was 84 I was sooo glad I didnt bolus the ices. An hour later he was 240 but no ketones and was 140 just in time for dinner!

He had a rough day ( oh I didnt mention the occlusion alarm at 10am which called for hubby to bring him home so we could change everything out and then go back to school. He was only 198 due to occlusion and was in range withing the hour) so I made him Nutella French toast with warm almond milk and whip cream for dinner. He earned it!

We battled lows about an hour after dinner and until bedtime. Which then rebounded to a 300. But he came down perfectly from one correction and woke at 156 :). Id like to mention how confident I am now in knowing when his highs are a rebound or food issue vs a bad site. I used to change his site EVERY time he was over 250 now I know what the high is from saving sites and his lil body from more pain. Just had to throw that in cause this is a HUGE thing for me!

To say the least I thought JAWS was scary as a kid. Yea Mr Shark our JAWS kicks your ass each time.

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Reyna said...

OMGosh, I felt like I was there with you Lexxi! I cannot even imagine them all dressed alike!!! That would drive this Mama Pancreas nuts.

Sounds like it worked out...and yes, I hate when "d" slows our boys down a bit. Joe had a "Hustle" at his school a few weeks ago we left with the 300s and large ketones :( It was a bummer.

P.S. Great post on Sugabetic!

Laura said...

JAWS sounds awesome but super scary! Damn D - - - HATE YOU!!!
I'm glad everything tuned out ok. If I lived there we could chill in the stands and watch that cute little run together!!


shannon said...

UUUGGGHHHH I hate being on the sidelines just wondering wondering. But you handled it so well and congrats on feeling confident enough to not have to change the site so much!

Secret Mommy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm going to send my friend over if she hasn't found you already. Bravo to your son for his big JAWS day. :)

Lora said...

OH! I would be a crazy mess!!! WAIT! I AM a crazy ness :)

Joanne said...

That would be sooooo scary, all those kids dressed the same as yours. I would make Elise wear a bright coloured bandana or something!

Thanks for your comment on my blog... so you mind if I add you to my blogroll?

Heidi / D-Tales said...

That is the stuff that makes me SO nervous! Those uniforms-ugh! Can he wear anything else to make him stand out from the crowd? Thank goodness you can recognize his run.

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