Monday, November 1, 2010

SAE whaaaaat?!

Thanks to the wonderful Sarah better known as Sugabetic of today is now known as S.A.E Day.. Support Advocate Educate!

The boys are off from school and we are going to show our SUPPORT of all Diabetics by rockin blue and ribbons for everyone to see!! We have also decorated our front window with a Blue D ribbon instead of the usual grey. We have decided this ribbon will stay in our window year round!

To advocate we have sold ribbons door to door and with each purchase (proceeds to JDRF) stated a fact about Type 1. I also am posting a Diabetes fact everyday this month on facebook. And have kicked it off today for SAE!!

Educate. We do this all day and continue to do so. But today in celebration of SAE we will teach strangers about Type 1! How? Wellllll Justice and Synsyre are sporting blue hair, blue shirts and only blue silly bandz! I am wearing our first walk shirt with the D ribbon as well as blue accessories and hubby is sporting a blue jersey with his D ribbon! I hope this will spark peoples interest and they will ask why?!

Heres some Educate as well:
Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease. It cannot be prevented nor cured. We did NOT feed our kids too much candy or preservatives. Their bodies attacked the insulin producing cells of the pancreas. Just like MS or Lupus the body turned on itself.

Our kids can eat the same things as yours they just need insulin and a complex mathematical equation to do so.

Insulin is life support. Not a cure. Trying to produce the same results as a pancreas is not easy and we cant duplicate it exactly. A side effect of this "man made insulin" is low blood sugars which can cause siezures or even death. Your body makes insulin on its own and knows how. Imagine if someone said you must act as your childs heart and figure out how to pump blood and beat every minute of everyday. Sometimes more sometimes less. Exactly.

No one can outgrow type 1 diabetes. There are adults living with this disease all around you.

We are exhausted. We dont sleep. Theres no breaks or days off. Not for holidays or birthdays. We must balance keeping our children from having dangerous lows while ensuring they dont have too many highs which can cause complications later in life.

Our children are strong. Tough and oh so mature due to this disease. But theyre still kids. Remember that when giving your child something in front of them before seeing if our kids sugars are in range so they too can enjoy. Teach your kids not to tease or bully. Be there when we need to vent or cry. Dont shrug it off. Dont tell us its manageable or it could be worse.

Know that not all type 2 diabetes is due to diet or lifestyle either. It can be genetics. Dont place blame for this disease on anyone.

Help me spread the word. Support me. Advocate with me. Educate with me.

Sooo what do you S.A.E?

*For pics of all the BLUE check out*


Reyna said...

I SAE I am so glad to be in this with the likes of you LADY! You are one in a biggah, and the boys. You make a difference daily in all that you do and for that, I thank you!

Meri said...

I love the idea of hanging up the blue ribbons and selling them to the neighbors! Hooray for your neighborhood!

Denise said...

once again, YOU ROCK!! love that you are out there and SAEing all that you do about Type 1. :-)

shannon said...

I want to print out your "educate" section and hand it out to everyone I ever meet. You expressed it all so well. Thank you!

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