Monday, November 22, 2010

A short math equation

Amazing bgs for 2 weeks during the day + random highs at night + dedicated basal testing + slight changes + awesome results due to basal testing + speaking of awesome numbers on facebook = a broken Ping meter/ an undelivered combo due to said meter/ a bleeder/random highs all day resulting in 3 site changes in order to trouble shoot x by an exhausted child/ a mama who feels she jinxed it - a younger sibling whos getting ignored + a daddy whos keeping mommy calm = D IS A BITCH.

I feel awful for posting on fb how awesome his numbers have been. But I was feeling good! It wasnt easy I worked my voluptious ass of to achieve 2 weeks of said bliss. Well apparently D didnt like this.

I hate math. math sux


Lora said...

YEP! D is a bitch!!!

Sadly, math USE to be my favorite subject... now, notsomuch!

Tracy (The Crazy Pancreas) said...

Sorry you jinxed it! D definitely does SUCK!

Hope things turn around over there!

Renata said...

Yes, it does. My kids have been doing really awesome and I was going to write about it. But last time I did that their numbers went to shit. So I will play the superstition game....did I spell that right?

Deanna said...

Absolutely, 100% agreed!!

Wendy said...

I freaking HATE math.


Heidi / D-Tales said...

Why do we get screwed whenever things are going so well? Why must the good times end? D IS a bitch!

Laura said...

I suck at math. SUCKTASTIC!

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