Sunday, November 14, 2010

Its our day baby!!

You down with WDD?! Yea you know me!!

Sorry Im delirious today with excitement for WDD! World Diabetes Day baby!!! A day when the world recognizes and shows support for all people living with diabetes and when we remember those lost.

Last year was kinda quiet in terms of WDD over here. We did wear blue shirts but that was it. We didnt have the DOC then and the full support system we have now. I kinda kept it to myself for the most part.

This year though no quiet reserved WDD for us! We are screaming it from the roof tops! We have put a blue lightbulb outside by front door, a window is decorated with a large blue ribbon and Justices name and Type 1 is written out of test strips, we are wearing blue ribbons on our blue clothes, I am sporting blue hair extensions (Big thanks to a good friend who treated me for WDD!), blue earings made out of feathers and animas cartridges, blue nail polish for hands and toes, blue rings, blue braceletes, blue eye shadow for me and as long as the boys cooperate they will have their faces painted blue!

I hope people ask why? I hope we can spread awareness and let people know we are here,a we need to be heard, we need their support and NO we did NOT cause our kids diabetes with sugar!!

In the works as well is an interview with our local news. Featuring Justice and I on their weekly Diabetes segment. Which is normally Type 2 focused. I am waiting on date and time confirmation I will keep you all posted.

I wish all of you wonderful bgs and an amazing WDD!!! Sending hugs and lots of love to my whole DOC.

I hope you all know how amazing you are. Ya know theres a reason the sky is blue...just saying.World Diabetes Day

*Pics from walked added to lots of blue!*


Lora said...

Happy WDD to you sista!!
Give J a hug from us :)

shannon said...

Some great shots on flickr! And good luck on the interview, that sounds fantastic! HAPPY WDD!

Reyna said...

WOOT! I love your spirit sistah! I almost sported some blue eyeshadow too...but I already looked "smurfish" - LOL.

Give "J" a big ol' hug from my "J".

Happy WDD!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Go blue!!!!! :)

Celebrate With Us!