Tuesday, December 14, 2010


We all know how hard it can be to find foods let alone sweet or fun snacks for our D kiddos that dont wreak havoc on their bgs.

The first year of dx we were MDI and Justice had to have 2 scheduled 15 gram snacks and it always ended up being chips or cookies or some junk. I had enough. I wanted healthy snacks! And ones that didnt require a huge correction later.

Now we dont do scheduled or free snacks anymore to prevent lows (lantus was awful hence why endo suggested scheduled free 15gc snacks). We just eat! Pumping gave us more freedom to choose when we want to snack. But bgs are bgs are bgs. Donut holes were awful on Js sugar. And candy? Ha! Those chocolate bars in the stores have insane amount of carbs and calories. I wasnt happy.

I searched. And searched. I found some awesome things that have now become staples in my house.
We do not allow High Fructose Corn Syrup or any artificial sweetners. And while we do have Oreos in the house the boys have not had any. Havent even asked!

Ofcourse we do veggies and fruits but thats no secret. These are things you may not know about or wondered about..

This isnt a give away just some tips for D familes or any family looking for some healthier and lighter treats and snacks for them or their kiddos!

Materne GoGo Squeeze:
These are apple sauce squeezers! No spoon needed, kinda like a capri sun pack but all natural apple sauce. No sugar added. 15gc. And works great for lows too!

Aunt Hatties Net 5:
I live on this for me cause I eat low carb. But sometimes when J is having a high bg day he wants a sandwich or something more hearty than cheese. This bread is also all natural and only 7gc each! We also use this when he needs a bedtime snack. A slice with some PB holds his bgs great!

Z Bars:
The boys would eat these all day if they could. They love them! These are like Luna bars or Cliff bars but made for kids. The carbs on the bars depend on flavor but range from 23 to 27g. They have Honey Graham, Choc Chip and Brownie. We allow these for dessert, snack, whatever. Theyre organic, filled with vitamins, minerals and protein. And again easy on bgs!

Trader Joes Choc Bars:
We all need chocolate. What?! We do. Well I do. And I dont like banning sweets. But I hated how many carbs most chcolate had. Then I found these at Trader Joes. Theyre all natural and come in either dark or milk chocolate. Dark is 7gc and Milk is 10! For a whole bar!! They also make milk choc minis which are 7gc each. Again perfect for dessert or bedtime snack.

Blue Diamond Almond Milk:
Before dx Justice was obsessed with milk. He would drink it all day. Skim, low fat 2%. Didnt matter he loved it! But drinking milk all day and bolusing all day for it just didnt make sense. In theory he could but I didnt think it was healthy for his bgs to constantly be spiking due to just beverages! Also he voices he wanted to be able to get a drink not water and not have to check his bg or bolus. And here it is!!! This almond milk has only 2gc per cup!! NO spikes! He loves it! Gives him that sense of normailty back.

Agave Nectar: Syrup is evil. Cheap ones are all HFCS and the expensive maple is like 53gc a serving! Well not only is agave organic and a raw natural sweetner but its 15gc per serving! We add it to waffles, my iced tea (coming up next) anything you would add honey or syrup to!

I know you have all heard of it. We dont bake with it but I do make Iced Tea Lemonade with it. It says 4gc per serving but whenever I bolused for it J went looooow. He loves it! Now Stevia has a funny aftertaste which we found if you cut with lemon juice dissappears. Takes time to perfect but you can play with it and see what you like. J likes being able to grab some and go. No bg check no bolus. I do sometimes add a lil agave for an added kick but its still not enough to bolus for.

Anyway this may have been a boring post for some of you or a lifesaver. Either way thanks for being here!

HMMMMM now only if I could get one or all of these companies to sponsor a giveaway...be back I have some work to do...


Reyna said...

Sweetie...NEVER a boring post from you! But, was there any cursing??? LOL.

Loved these tips. I am going to check out the bars. We have been using the Cliff Minis (17g/bar) to boost Joe during hockey lately...I liked that the carb grams were under 20 per bar.

BTW, I love almond milk. Awesome solution to satisfy Justices "milk cravings" and keep BGs at bay.

Meri said...

Trader Joes Apple Crushers have been a life saver for us! It is the apple sauce in a cool package too!

Thanks for the tips. I tried the cliff bars and the boys put their noses up to them. What gives???

Lorraine of "This is Caleb..." said...

Great list! I love getting tips like these. Now to go check out which of these are peanut free....

Deanna said...

Thanks for sharing this. We seem to be stuck on the chips and cookies thing and it's getting old real fast. I don't think we have a Trader Joes, but I will be on the lookout for your suggestions!

Renata said...

The kids are on MDI and they eat what they want when they want. I think it all comes down to the proper training. However we test and take short acting quite often..kind of like a pump. It works for us.

I have never worried about what snacks the kids eat. We eat healthy and my kids love fruit. (If you only knew my fruit budget...it's disgusting) But if it's not just a plain old candy bar I don't worry about it. Well, unless it's a high fat item. Those play more havoc than anything so a sausage roll or something is usually out. It's too hard to figure it out.

Hallie said...

LOVE this! I soooo need to hit Trader Joe's. We have one but it's not close...

Laura said...

I think this is a great list! I need some of those apple sqeezie thingies! Where do I get those?

I can't wait to try some of these - I am always on the look out for yummy things that are easy on the bg!

Thanks, Sweetie!

Lorraine of "This is Caleb..." said...

Just ordered some Z Bars. Taking my chances with the peanut thing. I think Clif Bar should sponsor a give away for you!

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