Friday, December 17, 2010

Mama I Made It!

I had this post written days ago. But with so much going on didnt hit publish! Fuck me. But then I saw Reyna, Lorraine, Meri, Sarah they all did theirs and I knew it was time.

I have always felt like a subpar blogger at best. I am surrounded with the most amazing Dmom bloggers, PWD bloggers and well its amazing!!

Not to mention when I first started writing a few people told me "You curse way too much. People may get offended".

But this is how I tawk in real life sadly. I use curses when happy or sad. I wouldnt say its a good habit but one nonetheless.

I was intrigued by the DOC Awards. I thought how fun! A time to celebrate these amazing peeps for all different reasons!

Imagine my shock when I saw I too was nominated for "Best Use of Foul Language!".

Awesome! I felt so honored to be mentioned amongst greats like my girl Reyna and the always great Kerri.

Wow! So thank you for nominating me its a total honor! Insert F bomb wherever you like.

I think this is one of the coolest things ever and I appreciate all the love and support!

So before you sign off the web make sure to cast your votes! No motherfuckin pressure, I trust you! I kid. I Kid. Vote for whoever..but go vote!!

If you havent checked out the other insanely funny anf talented bloggers please check out my blogroll.

You will not be dissappointed!




Reyna said...

Well deserved friend...well deserved. I thought of you immediately during nomination time for this category!!! Not only does your potty mouth amaze me, but that you blog from your phone. I.WOULD.DIE. I cannot even hardly text.

What I am trying to say is that you have heart Lexxi AND nothing, nothing trumps that. Your posts reflect it AND the curse words really add the emotion and color. I can tell you talk like that...just like me :). Muah...GOOD LUCK!

Penny said...

Well deserved my friend! Your posts are honest and funny and reflect who you are - that's the spirit of blogging!!!
As for the strips, my dr didn't have any but I am still on the hunt for some!!!
Congrats on the nod!!!!

Lora said...

Who says you fucking curse too much? You fucking rock!!! hehe

Love ya!!

Deanna said...

Congrats on the nom and good luck!!

Laura said...

I'm with Lora - you FUCKING rock!

Tammy said...

I found you on the gogo applesauce page i am now following you i to have two bloggs.
Have a blessed day. followers welcome and appreciated..

Silver Charm Bracelet  said...

Nice, thanks for sharing. I really love your blog and I will be back later for more updates. For now I'm so excited to use my silver charm bracelet.

Hallie said...

You are awesOme, girlfriend! And I LIKE all the f bombs and such! Adds some flava! :) good luck!!!

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