Thursday, December 16, 2010

Power of Prayer

The other day Justice asked me if I really pray for a cure everyday.

I told him ofcourse. Daddy and I both do. Not the same time everyday or same manner, but at some point in my day I do.
Sometimes I dont even realize Im doing it.

He says "Mom, maybe youre not praying right? Maybe if we went to a church and prayed GOD, would hear us?".

This is not a religious debate. This is not for anyone to judge wether or not we should take our boys to church/temple.

How do you explain to a child that while prayer, faith, and belief in GOD is so important, you cannot just pray for a cure and it will happen.

I tried to explain GOD gave the scientists the tools and academic smarts to come up with a cure just like he gives us a choice to do right or wrong. But in the end its up to us.

I said it. I even wrote it. But I have to still force myself to believe it.

The truth is in my humble opinion as much prayer as there is out there for a cure theres just as much if not more evil profiting off these diseases. Yes, good does triump over evil but it cant be done overnight.

I have so much hope and love in my heart. I raise my children the same way. To do good and good will come to you. But how do you explain to an 8 year old that the one thing he wants more than anything is even out of GODS hands?

I teach my boys that those who do good will have good happen to them. Justice challenges that and asks if that true what did he do to deserve Type 1 Diabetes?

I ofcourse try and explain the best I can without making him feel like theres no hope and he says...

"Well then I pray that maybe for one day GOD will let me live just one day without Diabetes. Just be normal. I deserve that."

He does. They all do.

I still pray on it. Everyday.


Lora said...

*SIGH* My heart is breaking. They Do deserve that... not one day, but MANY days.

Give him a hug from us please.

Penny said...

I pray every day that we live a blessed life with diabetes. I really do. I pray that scientists and people who work very hard on things like this will find a cure, and if they do not, it is not because it is God's will, it's just cause we are human. I think the more you talk about your beliefs with your kids, the better. You are doing fabulous Lexi and Justice is figuring it all out. I pray that he finds his own way. You are a great mom.

Mike Durbin said...

I'm reminded of some song lyrics that say,

"I've got up out of bed many times at the midnight hour
to pray a prayer that seemed no answer would come to
tho I waited patiently and long.
But there's been answers come to enough of those prayers
to make me keep praying on."

It is the faith, the belief in the possibility that a cure will be found that keeps us praying and fighting on.

We all go through periods of struggle and doubt; that's a natural thing. The great thing about being part of the D-OC is that we are all in this together. We are all praying for a cure.

Until that day comes, we have to stick together, and keep trusting like a child.

Lots of Love.

Hallie said...

It is SO HARD to explain to a child what you have trouble understanding yourself. They do deserve it. And I will never give up hoping that it will happen.

Reyna said...

GOD...just a single day. Can you imagine. Love you Lexxi...and please give Justice a big hug from Joe, Bridget, and I. I talk to Joe about Justice quite a bit...btw...Bridg and Joe think your kids have "cool" names!

Joanne said...

Why do kids ask the hardest questions? Like Hallie said, it's hard to explain why when you just don't get it yourself. And J is right... they do deserve to be normal. How sweet that all he asks is for one day.

BTW, I'll see if I can upload the video to my husband's youtube account. I'll update the post to the link if I can.

Heather said...

I know it's hard. It's hard explaining what we don't fully understand. I know there is is cure out there, God has just not allowed us to find it yet. I don't know why but I do know that God is good, no matter what.

We just have to keep hoping and praying. We have to share that with our kids so they have the same hope and faith that there will someday be a cure.

You are doing a great job, Alexis. and Justice is learning from you!

Denise said...

We had a similar conversation about Santa bringing a cure for Christmas. Told him that maybe Santa can bring a tool or idea to a scientist that will lead to a cure but the cure itself if not in Santa's realm.

Haley said...

I just wrote a similar post you can read here:

dealing with God and diabetes is a very tricky thing.
and your right, God gave us all the tools we need. now we just have to put the pieces together
Good Luck

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