Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm in love. Aka Joann I Get It!

Well I said Id post on Dex right? Also known as Shadow. Justice names all his D equipment after charachters from Sonic the Hedgehog. His pump is Sonic, meter remote is Knuckles and Dex is Shadow. Did I mention this? Well whatever.

Anyway we are on day 14 of our first sensor and its awesome!! Yes Im aware some sensors wont last as long or will be bad but please dont pop my bubble. Im staying positive that every one will be like this. (shush). Hes been on point and usually is either matching up exactly with meter or at the most a 20 point difference atleast 90% of the time! He has only missed one low which was a 68, Dex showed 80. We have avoided those post low spikes I despise so much and breakfast this week has been my--Joann gets credit for this--my bitch!

J LOVES him! He completed JAWS (Jogging And Walking) with no lows! He is able to see which direction hes headed and he loves that! He was sent a skin for it by one of favorite D mamas and now he says all his stuff "is cool".

So in a nutshell Dex rocks!!! Seeing whats going on between testing or which direction things are headed has helped given us even better control! We are also using Apidra now (another post) and I feel its going to make a huge difference in the grand scheme of things.
Here are 2 pretty pictures I caught, of course not all days look like this but why would I wanna capture those!?

I feel so blessed to have Shadow and again I must thank Scott. Thank you!!!!



Penny said...

Love those lines!!! So happy it had made a difference for both you and Justice! And it's adorable he names his stuff after Sonic!!!

Reyna said...

WOOT! AND...get the Apidra post up quick or email me PLEASE! I am going into endo tomorrow and want to push for it for Joe...they said NO last time I asked 5 months ago.


Joanne said...

Love those pics... especially the last one. Wow! And high five on the breakfast thing. We should get some shirts made!

Wendy said...

I just took a 24 hour pic of coloring between the lines too...gotta celebrate the victories, BABAY!

Love that you love your Dex :)

Lora said...

I have some Apidra sitting in my fridge... I keep looking at it wondering if I should put my big girl panties on and give it a whirl. I keep hearing positive things... post soon mama... I'm dying to know. :)

Donna ((Sweet Momma)) said...

SO happy for you guys!!! =)

Haley said...

I wish my numbers were that good. most days my dex looks like its riding a rollercoaster.

good job =]
and im glad you like the dexcom!

Denise said...

Beautiful pics!
We are loving Apidra too. When I figure out how to put that love into words, I will post on it.
Glad Dex is working out for you! I am SO impressed by the accuracy and how long you've been using the one sensor. Sounds like you got a good one!

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