Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Our day.

Well we started a MINIMED Guardian CGM trial today and so far we likey! We are keeping this bad boy for a week so Ill let you know if that still holds true then lol. Insertion was fast and J said he hardly felt it. So ok! :)

We also had an amazing, unbelievable, outrageous, generous, amazing---crap I said that---surprise today show up at our door. I will post about it in full detail soon when everything is.... well.... done. Thats all Ima say on that.

Laying in bed with J and his mind always wonders this time of night..

"Mom. When the scientists find the cure, how will they KNOW its THE cure. Like how will they be sure it works?". I go on to explain trials and what not. His eyes get big and he whispers to me "but what about insulin? If theyre not sure its THE cure they can DIE".

My boy is definitely cautious like his mama. I honestly always think the same thing.

Today was a blessed day filled with hope, innocence and of course D. But you cant spell blessed without it can you? So we will just make it work!

Justices numbers are slowing returning to normal with the exception of alot of lows today. Hoping CGM will help these new basal needs. I wanted to thank all of you for your love and support during last weeks chaos.

Stay tuned for exciting stuff......are you intrigued? Dont beg ..all in due time..Image hosted at bigoo images


Denise said...

looking forward to hearing your Dex story.

Sarah said...

I just wanted to pop over here and say thanks for your previous post it really helped me as things have been crazy around here number wise and I feel like I am going to explode for peoples lack of kindness and desire to understand.
I look forward to hearing how you like the CGM, it has helped us tremendously!

Reyna said...

Sounds like exciting times in your home Lexi! Me LIKEY! I hope you get those numbers whipped into shape real soon girl! xoxo

Penny said...

Me likey too! It's god news all around. Here's to the 'upside' of the D rollercoaster. Glad his numbers are coming into view.

Donna ((Sweet Momma)) said...

YAY!!!!! Someone else with a Medtronic CGM!!!!!! I often feel like a bit of a lonely island in a sea of Dexcom users. LOL
I can't wait to hear how it works for you guys going forward. We have had pretty good success with ours. =)

You have one smart boy there... I love that you two can lay in bed and talk about that stuff. I hope that J and I are that way when he is older.

em180 said...

Crazy he's wondering about the cure really being THE CURE. I think that a lot. If they say it can go away, how could I stop giving Cam insulin and hope they're right?! sigh..
Exciting news about the CGM though, glad it's working for you and looking forward to keep hearing the stories.

Amy said...

Alexis . . . from readin you over a span of time I feel like I 'know' Justice beacuse his comments are sooooo like my Ellie's. I love talking to her about things and hearing her perspective, even if it has to be about 'D' and I wish she didn't have to know about that.

Oh, and I LOVE the praying cat photo! Hehe

Can't wait for the rest of the story!!!!!

Choosing Joy in 2011, Amy

Wendy said...


"Can't spell blessed without it."

Love it.


Pam said...

I love that you can't spell blessed without D. Perfect!

Glad those numbers are coming into line.

Deanna said...

When our time comes, we're leaning toward MiniMed CGM and pump. Looking forward to hearing how it all works out for you!

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