Thursday, January 20, 2011

From the bottom of his Pancreas..

Sigh. My poor boy. My sweet, sensitive, loving, empathetic, pancreatically challenged boy.

Justice's sugars have been pretty damn good. Not perfect but good. Im please and I feel we are in the right direction. This week anyway you know his basals change as much as his sites!

Well things started beautifully. He woke at 103, after gym was 160, 98 at lunch, 88 after recess and then something shifted.

When I saw him at lunch time for his bolus he looked..sad. Heartbroken. You see Justice's teacher who honestly is a giant B word was out all week.

Since her absence he has been in a better mood. More excited to go to school and just in better spirits.

He found out today the reason she was absent was because her mother passed. He know feels awful. In his mind, if he was happy she was absent its like he was happy her mom passed. Even though he had NO idea. We were told she was sick but that was it. Anyway he just felt awful. Like a terrible person no matter how hard I tried to explain he didnt know and it wasnt his fault.

So I bolused him and left. 2pm he checks his bg and calls in. Dex said 160 flatline and he was 170. This was the highest he has been at 2pm in months! His normal range at this time is 80 to 130. Hmm ok. I thought maybe it was a fluke. Until he got home and was 200. Then 240. Then 280. So I upped his temp basal for 30 minutes and what happened? He went LO on Dex with double arrows down! BG showed 55 so he had skittles and was 100 flatline.

We were to attened the JDRF Awards ceremony (another post) tonight and it included dinner so I was glad he was able to eat as he pleased. On the way there he dropped again. Thanks Dex for catching it! Came up to 120 and cruised 130 for 2 hrs! Yup while eating! He had dessert and we went home.

190. Ok thats fine he has 1.2 IOB so we are good. Plus he has been hitting low 200s around midnight lately so we upped 9pm to 12am basals. Well guess what?

280. 310. 380. And now 350. Bolus via syringe and new site to be safe.

In my heart I know what this is. His emotions. His hurt. His thoughts consume him and afffect his bgs it happens all the time and it sucks.

I do think also the whole mom dying and death thing bothered him on other levels hes not aware of.

He feels for you not so nice teacher not just with his heart but his non working pancreas!

How do hard situations affect you or your kiddos bgs?

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Wendy said...

Oh, oh, oh...those sweet, tender, innocent hearts. So easily distressed. So easily impacted.

Sweet babies, life isn't always easy.

I just wish you didn't have to learn that so soon.

PS -- I, seriously, cannot believe that you blog all this from your phone.

Reyna said...

Joe used to go sky high when angry or upset. I don't see as much of an impact now...but Joe is pretty unflappable...well, that is unless Bridget is involved - LOL.

Love that Justice has a tender heart Lexi. He is just like his mama.

Misty said...

Oh what a sweetie! I can just feel his emotions. Ally's BGs are very much affected by stress and excitement...they mostly make her run high, but we've had some lows in those situations too.

Amy said...

Justice has such a sweet and tender soul. It sounds like you are a mom who embraces and encourages Justice to be who he is and THAT is awschum.

I love your new blog wallpaper design! Whatever happened to your little SuperHero guy? I loved him!

And, congrats on the JDRF team walk awards. Way cool.

Nikki said...

What a sweet, sweet soul! Compassion for others is a beautiful character trait to be commended.

Pam said...

I feel for Justice. Why must our children learn some lessons at such a young age? He sounds like such an amazing young boy.

My Grace is what you could call an anxious child, and her nerves always affect her blood sugars. Usually she goes high. It sucks because big tests at school make her go high.

Meri said...

What a sweet heart your boy has! My boys sugars are always affected by their emotions. B has his first sleep over tonight and he has been low for 2 days because he is ELATED with excitment. I wish I was as excited as he is. :(

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