Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Just ''One Touch''.

Those strips are everywhere. In my bed, shoes, floor, closet, freezer (No clue). They are a staple in our lives. They are what determined every move we make. Sounds so simple doesnt it? I awoke from a Theraflu induced haze, and found a used strip right beneath my pillow. I glanced at it. And then I stared. I wondered when they made these strips did they realize how heavy the name was? I do.

Every thing we do starts with "One Touch".

With "One Touch" we pull the strip out of the vial.

With "One Touch" we cock back the lancing device.

With "One Touch" we piece our childs skin.

With "One Touch" we bring said strip to our childs blood.

With "One Touch" we move away said strip and await a reading.

With "One Touch" we bolus for the high or give sugar for the low.

With "One Touch" we set a temp basal to assist in our quest.

With "One Touch" we check for remaining IOB.

With "One Touch" we check Dex to see where this headed.

With "One Touch" the fate our childs lives is in our hands.

With "One Touch" a whole days fate is relied.

With "One Touch" we understand why our children are feeling weak.

With "One Touch" a moment stands still.

All it takes is "One Touch". But for us its not done just once. Its repeated all day, everyday, until a cure is found.

Whoever said "One Touch" doesnt make an impact, never lived with Type 1.


Donna ((Sweet Momma)) said...

Ok - if I get me some Theraflu can I be that profound, too?


Great post, Lexi!

Penny said...

Yep Lexi. And 'Amen' to that.

Wendy said...

One does make a huge difference...

Now if we could rid the world of strip errors, that would be perfect!

Nikki said...

Don't forget "One Touch"...An embrace from a mother to her child reassuring that everything will be ok.

Scott Strange said...

Ok.. how the HELL do you get ONE One-Touch out with just ONE-touch? I seem to always pull 2 or 3 out with my mad strip-pulling skilz...


PS LOVE the new banner!

Penny said...

Just had to comment about the new banner - LOVIN it!!!!

Reyna said...

The "never-endingness" of it all is overwhelming at times, isn't it? Great post and soooo true!

LOVING the look over here Lex. I think I need to pull BB out of the ghetto! Any ideas?

Lora said...

OoOoOo!! I likey the new look :)

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