Saturday, February 12, 2011

D Boy raps. Excuse the A word...I let it slide for this purpose. :)

Im aware letting your 8 year old say ass isnt appropriate but this rap empowered him. Mommy co wrote and J performed. Enjoy!!

Official video and full song coming soon!


Wendy said...

The back up dancer is seriously rockin'.

Such a sweet voice...can't wait to see the final production!

Reyna said...

Synsyre is CRACKING ME UP!!! Love his exuberant dancing style Lexi!

And, as for the D-Boy-Rapper "J-Diddy" over there...I love his wrap. I think the "A" word is appropriate in this case for sure. It reminds me of Misty's post where Ally wrote "Diabetes SUCKS".

Love you!

Amy said...

Reyna . . . . J-Diddy?! Ha!

And yes, while the a word is mild, it is still inappropriate for an 8yo . . . it totally rocks in this rap.

Synsyre could be a serious contender for a Fly Girl - ;)

Penny said...

Oh just fabulous and I love Syn as back up - he is great!
This needs a full length video production hon!

Misty said...

Haha! Love it!

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