Monday, March 28, 2011

Oh Sugar. Oh, Honey, Honey..

I love that song and even though  we haven't met, I love this little girl. You don't know her? Sugar?? Well you are missing out on not only a gorgeous face, but a beautiful personality. I haven't  met her per se, but her mom Wendy my friend, blogs about her and her other sisters over here

Wendy's posts are usually so uplifting and make me see the light at the end of  the tunnel.Wendy is a a  huge  support  system, and a staple in the  D.O.C.   But right now Sugar is going through a bit of a rough time. In the D world, its a big deal.  To me its a big  deal.

Justice  went  through it too. Justice was questioned, made fun, even bullied  about his Diabetes at one point. He was taunted, pointed at , and told his pump was surgery and  "ewww". It broke my heart. It took time but   it got handled and he  now has his  own way of explaining things to kids.

I told him all about Wendy's post, and the look on his face was bummed and shocked. So I  asked him  if he  would put something together for her.

Something to uplift her spirits, and let her know she's not alone.

Please forgive me the video is in two parts, my camera died and all I had was my cell.

  This is  from Justice. I hope this makes you smile. 

In case its hard to understand.  He said "  You're  special.  You're not alone. We all love each other. (Meaning all the kids with type 1 are a family,  he said.).

" Dexcom is important for  us, and  its a big  deal. Its painful  going in sometimes and  they don't know  what its like. Tell them  you are  stronger  than  them and  to BACK OFF!!".

And I'm sure  when  we visit Arizona hopefully this summer, Justice will pay any kid you choose a personal visit.

So if ever you need anything...your mom knows where to find us.

Advice from an  8 year old  makes me smile, anytime.


Wendy said...
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Heidi / D-Tales said...

He is so fantastic!!!! I hope you do visit AZ this summer!! :)

Wendy said...

(Sorry -- just realized that I was logged in with my old blog I was saying...)

AWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alexis!!!!!!!!!!!! This was so sweet :) I can't wait until she gets home so I can show it to her!!!!!!

It's so heartwarming knowing that I have pals like you out there in the DOC.

Thank you, Justice...tell your mom I ♥ her

Nicole said...

how sweet!! I love this :) kids helping kids <3

Penny said...

Straight from the source, I love kid to kid connections. Thank you Justice!

Lora said...


Reyna said...

He is such a great kid Lex...AND I loved hearing your voice too. VLOG...VLOG...VLOG...(in chant-like-beggy-voice...hoping that you will VLOG soon). I wanna see my Mamas!!!!

Joanne said...

What an awesome kid he is... Well done, Lexi, well done!

Hallie said...

What a sweetie! I love this!! And justice! And YOU!!

Amy Lederer said...

Isn't it amazing how much comfort we find in each other?!?! Amazing kiddo. Amazing d-momma. And to hear the voices, just the voices alone almost bring me to tears. Great post!

Kim said...

This is awesome. I love the kid-to-kid messages.

Dexcom users unite! :)

Jules said...

Ooohhh its the middle of the night kids asleep beside me...Gotta visit again tomorrow to watch it. I love whats said in the transcript.

Lorraine of "This is Caleb..." said...

Sooooo interesting that we both conferred with the experts on this particular issue. These boys are protective of their dpeeps!

Kimberly said...


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