Sunday, April 24, 2011

D' Blessings

Sometimes there are blessings that come along with  D. Sometimes they are BIG  like the DOC sometimes  small like a lancet device you love.

These are both!

I am tired of  always complaining about D. If something good happens,well I want to rejoice!!

So this goes (Shout out to my  girlie Laura for posting a blessing day!!)


You guys know how awful last week  was with all those lows right? The first day things were back  to "normal"  was  amazing.

For 12 hours  straight J was between 90 and 130! I  had to take a pic, and J  wanted me to spice  it

I love D-Boy:


Wednesday Hubby, the kids and I went to out for Pizza at  Lil Caesar's, then to Chuck E. Cheese to blow the rest  of the tokens from Synsyres birthday. Did you know they  have a cotton candy machine?! Yes!! Soooo...I got some,and it was still warm. Holy fat ass it was good!

J  ate almost the whole thing. See the  last time he had it, I tried bolusing for it,and well  CRAAAAAASH. So this time, I did nothing,  and he just cruised along the low  100s. Mind you he  had those 3 slices of Pizza and 2 pieces of crazy bread an hour before. He was also running around crazy playing games..I  wont lie.  I worried what our night would look like.

Hours later at dinner he was 120ish, he had a big meal including 8oz of rice. For some reason we always assumed rice needed a combo? Well it doesn't!! He needs a straight bolus and THAT'S IT!! Score!!!

We also played  around with his pizza bolus and found a straight  bolus with a +30 basal for 4 to 5 hours does the trick. all was a success. I didn't believe it till I woke at 7am and realized with all that throw in the mix, we  kicked D's ass!

Pizza, crazy bread, uncovered cotton candy, running around  like a  nut, and a rice filled dinner: Highest was  actually 170 and lowest was 65. Score!!

J  did a photoshoot a few weeks back for a project that will be shown at  the JDRF 2011 Gala, well our amazing Outreach Coordinator  Marcy sent me the pics today. Wow, my boy is sooo fly!!! Look at that face, and him owning his pump!


I dont know where to begin. Donna from Tallygear has been a blessing, since  we  "met" last year.She has made wearing a pump, and now  Dexcom easier and fun for J!

He  honestly  cant get enough of  Tallygears, Tummietotes and armbands.I know alot of you have tried the Tummietote, but you MUST try the armband!  It makes arm sites soooo much easier!!

Well this weekend my D Superhero, got some Superhero gear!!:

To say Justice is  LOVING showing off his awesome Tummietotes, would be a  huge understatement.

Thank you Donna, you're amazing!!

Well those are some of our D Blessin's this week, what are yours?




Nikki of Our Diabetic Warrior said...

He is such a handsome little man! I love when we're able to see our blessings admist chaos.

Happy Easter to you and your family

Joanne said...

Happy Easter to you too, and my... what a pretty graph that is. Great job, Momma!

Those tummitotes are great. I really need to get one for Elise's CGM.

Now I want some cotton candy!

Valerie said...

Way to go on those numbers! Gotta love it when it works out like that.

Wendy said...




Reyna said...

Well, first off I swear the DOC is contagious...Joe has been suffering the LOWS big time. We are at a TDD of 13 units (he usually requires 20) and still feeding uber amounts of G's to keep him up. I am hoping this passes soon...we are on day 5 AND the weather is nice...which doesn't help my cause. LOL.

Love me the Tallygear and your numbers were rockin'!!! Thanks for posting how you did it. I am always curious as to what others do. I love learning from the DOC.

Amy said...

Themz are some fat blessings!!!!

Tghe superhero belts are really fabulous . . . I love that Justice relates to people with superpowers ;)

Happy belated Easter, my friend!!

Celebrate With Us!