Saturday, April 9, 2011

One Year Ago Today...I Found YOU.

It was a year ago today.
I wont ever forget it.

I was told by my good friend, that some of our other "friends" were complaining I tweeted "too much Diabetes already!".

I was hurt.
I was angry.
I was done.

See I  had a twitter account, @Lexicakez. A regular account with a large group of followers. I tweeted about clothes, shoes, sex, music, marriage, my kids, and DIABETES. It came naturally to me. My son lives with Type 1, its there everyday, every minute. Why WOULDN'T I tweet!? I had ONE DOC follower. @cureT1Diabetes. But I didn't know of the actual DOC. Just this really nice lady who shared something in common with  me.

I decided I wanted a clean slate, sans these stupid biatches. I deleted @Lexicakez, which was hard. I had a lot of pretty awesome people following  me. Famous Radio Djs, Lady Gaga (SERIOUSLY), and others. But something inside told me to do it.

So I did. ParentsOfaType1? Type1Swagga? Ugh. None of these twitter names felt right. And then as if  an angel whispered it in  my ear "SUGAR_NOVA" was born.

I went and found @cureT1Diabetes, followed her and then  it was like a miraculous chain  of events. @colleanu, @colcalli, @diabetesalic, @mydiabeticheart @igotthasuga @shellgolladay @strangely_t1 @ninjabetic @scottkjohnson @lamerenguera @em180 @jennaspetmonkey. These were some of my first followers, and followees! Each one amazing. Each one welcomed me with open arms. They  taught me so  much, and I  am forever  grateful for each one of  them.

On 4.9.10 I found family. Friends. People who not only understood what we we were dealing with but cared!  I  cant begin to explain, how the DOC has changed my life. Justices life.

A few  months after  tweeting (July to be exact) I  was told by many a tweeter about blogging. I went  for it. I found  more  DOC! More friends, more family.

Reyna,  Lora, Laura, Hallie, Wendy, Heather, Renata, Heidi, Tracy, Jen, Misty, Penny, Nicole and Meri were my first D mama blogger  followers. My D sistas!  I cant  begin to explain what they mean to me, words cant do it justice.I  know  that  today isnt my blogaversary (however you spell that shit), but if not for  twitter, you wouldn't be reading this right now!

It started with just a tweet. A  hashtag including #bgnow,  and  the  DOC  found  me! I found them! I honestly can say Twitter helped save us. We were lost, unsure and definitely without support from  those who truly GOT IT.

I have learned more than  I  ever have from  endos, books, CDEs, from all of you.

I don't know why they don't tell you the  nittty  gritty  truth, but they don't.

When I found you guys we were  MDI, weren't  allowed to correct highs (which occurred all night), didn't know about ketone  blood strips,thought there  was only 1 kind of pump, only used glucose tabs, thought an  A1C of  7-8 was all that was to be achieved, and didn't know the HARD CORE FACTS. (Not to mention  we  wouldn't  have a Dexcom or enough strips  right now!!)

I have changed. My friends see it. My family sees  it. Some think why is she more consumed by  D now? I am  not. I am just more educated. And  with that comes my responsibility to advocate and educate everyone else!

I can be a better pancreas because of YOU all.

I cant imagine living this D life, without having  you all in it. Diabetes can still be a very dark place, at times I still cry, but theres great comfort in knowing  that  I  have all of you there.
I hope that I  have given  you all at least half of you have gave me. I hope I can be there for another newly diagnosed family, another person looking for support, another mama, another friend, another family member.

I thank you for welcoming us into your circle (blue one no doubt), into your elite group, of type 1s, 1.5s, 2s, and 3s.

One  year ago today, I found the DOC.

And for that alone, Justice and I concur.. "D ain't  all  bad".


Jess said...

yay! i owe everything to the DOC too- i think we all do. much love to you and those adorable boys! :)

Lora said...


Penny said...

Oh sweet Lexi - this post brought a tear to my eye! We are all so grateful to each other and that's what bonds us - we found each other! Amidst all this craziness that T1 brings, I found my second family in you women. And to think that for you it started out with a Tweet. It's amazing. YOU are amazing and I am so very proud to call you a DOC Mama friend. oxoxo

Stephanie said...

Great post...LOVE the DOC! I started blogging within a week of Adam's diagnosis and it totally saved me. I wouldn't know HALF as much as I do without the DOC!

Ashley Rose said...

We love you, hot mama! So grateful to call you a friend! xoxoxo

Reyna said...

Tears. You are one of the top names that comes to my mind when I think of "DOC LOVE AND SUPPORT" - honestly Lex. You are always there...cheering us on, picking us up when we are down, and calling in for reinforcements when one of needs extra support. And you are an awesome curser for Fuck Sake!

Love you AND happy DOC-aversary.

Jules said...

this is a great post. i totally agree what a wonderful thing the DOC is! and its made up of a special group of supportive people who know how hard this journey is. xx

Denise said...

YAY for the DOC!!
Love ya!

Hallie said...

I practically could have written this whole post myself! SAME!! The DOC saved me, too! I'm so glad I found you!

Jen said...

LOVE YOU LEXI!!! I don't know what i would do without you and all the wonderful people I have met through the DOC. You are a talented writer and a kick ass mama pancreas!

Christy said...

Wonderful post and so true for all of us here in the DOC. Even my husband complains sometimes that everything discussion seems to center around diabetes. I have to remind myself that there are other things to talk about so blogging about the diabetes part tends to get it off my mind, so to speak. I think the DOC has saved my marriage! LOL :)

Alaska Uber Geek said...

So glad you are a part of the DOC! I've been reading for the past few months and have been helped tremendously by several of the blogs, including yours. It's inspired me to start sharing, too. said...

Sorry, that last comment was actually from me...didn't realize my hubby was still signed in!!

Renata said...

We love you too!! And your lovely boys!

Misty said...

Thanks for sharing a part of your life. My youngest son was diagnosed on Dec. 27,2010 and reading your blog and others like it have been a blessing.

Wendy said...

SO SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad we found each other in this big scary world of D.


Keep tweeting D, my friend ;)

Laura @ Houston We Have A Problem! said...

OMG - - - What would I do without my Sexy Lexi? I am too so thankful for the DOC - - - I would be lost!

I am so thankful that we found each other. You are always so supportive and I love you for that.

Love you DNQ!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

I don't know how I missed this post!!! I was just thinking I hadn't seen anything on Google Reader from you and so I checked your blog.

More importantly, I'm so glad you decided to blog and we found each other!!! Where would we all be without the DOC???!!! xoxoxo

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